New Excel keyboard shortcuts for the iPad

When you connect a keyboard to the iPad (Pro), you have a few shortcuts as you are used to from the Mac. From the latest update, new combinations have been added to make the iPad more similar to the Mac. Through August 2021, Microsoft pledges to release multiple iOS updates that bring new keyboard shortcut functionality to Excel on the iPad.

According to Microsoft, more and more professionals are using the iPad as a mobile device, which is why Excel developers are currently focusing on improvements to the iPad app. The idea is to make the user experience more similar to that of the Mac, something that Apple itself is increasingly trying to achieve by aligning tablet functions with the features of their computer. The plan is that the iPad (Pro) can be better used for business, professional use if it offers more options that are similar to the functionalities of the Mac.

New iPad version Excel

Therefore, in February, Microsoft released a completely new, redesigned version of Excel for iPad. Not only was it visually improved, but it also brought new functionalities such as a new text editing window, the addition of XLOOKUP to the mobile app and links to online services, so that documents can be easily edited and shared. Between February and July, Microsoft addressed the new app to fix bugs, and now the software maker is launching a new series of improvements.

In the latest iPad version, 2.39, Excel got an improved map view (Business Cards) so that tables are easier to edit on mobile devices. In a table, Excel users on the iPad can now click the map view button to view the data summarized in a new zoomed-in view. It is optimized for small screens. This view then has a deeper level to view details. The feature was tested earlier this year by so-called Microsoft Insiders and was rolled out to all iPad owners in July.

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More shortcuts next year

Hotkeys will be available in the next 12 months. Microsoft has added the first eleven new keyboard shortcuts in version 2.39 and these are the next new combinations.

Key combination Functionality
Option + Arrow right Go to the next sheet in the workbook
Option + Left Arrow Go to the previous sheet in the workbook
Command + Option + 0 Add cell border
Command + Option + Hyphen Remove cell border
Command + 0 Hide column (s)
Shift + Command + Open parenthesis

OR Shift + Control + Open parenthesis

Make column (s) visible
Control + 9 Hide row (s)
Shift + Control + Close parenthesis Make row (s) visible
Command + T

OR Command + 4

Switch between relative, absolute, and mixed references
Shift + Command + T Add AutoSum
Command + = Calculate open workbook

These new shortcuts come with the following shortcuts that already exist on the iPad with an external keyboard:

Key combination Functionality
Tab Cell to the right
Arrow up Cell up
Down arrow Cell down
Arrow left Cell to the left
Arrow to the right Cell to the right
Command + C To copy
Command + X To cut
Command + V To stick
Command + Z Undo
Command + Y

OR Command + Shift + Z

Apply again
Command + B Make fat
Command + I Make italics
Command + U Underline
Command + A Select everything
Shift + Left arrow Select cell range to the left
Shift + Right Arrow Select cell range to the right
Alt + Return Insert line break within a cell
Command + Left Arrow Move cursor to start of current line in a cell
Command + Arrow right Move the cursor to the end of the current line in a cell
Command + Piilt up Move the cursor to the beginning of the current cell
Command + Down Arrow Move cursor to end of current cell
Option + Up Arrow Move the cursor up one paragraph in a cell with a line break
Option + Down Arrow Move cursor down a paragraph in a cell with a line break
Option + Left Arrow Move the cursor one word to the left
Option + Arrow right Move the cursor one word to the right

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