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Director of Innovation and Investment at the start-up Polyient Games, Craig Russo spoke about the importance of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) in Gaming during an interview with Cointelegraph. He explains how NFTs have garnered industry interest since the collector’s game CryptoKittie launched in 2017 before becoming a very popular trend in the industry. For those concerned, there is no doubt today that they represent the future of gaming.

A cost-effective system that allows you to earn real money while playing

This is probably the potential that most justifies the choice of integrating non-fungible tokens into the gaming world according to Mr. Russo. He believes that the TNF market is one of the most attractive opportunities in digital assets for its ability to deliver immediate use cases. He thus explains the role of NFTs in the gaming world, taking advantage of their impact on the collectibles market.

“One of the reasons gamers gravitate towards blockchains is that – unlike traditional games – their environments allow players to truly own their in-game items. This means that blockchain games, based on non-fungible tokens and digital collectibles, are opening up an entirely new economic system that allows players to earn real money while playing. Fueled by these apps, the collectibles market has reached $ 370 billion ” did he declare.

NFT’s popularity exploded during lockdown

The gaming industry has not escaped the upheaval caused by the covid-19 pandemic and the lockdown period that followed.

Stuck in their homes with limited options for occupations, games have naturally become the favorite pastime of many. Thus, Mr. Russo recalls that last April a total of $ 10.5 billion was spent by American gamers. These figures obviously represent a record for home games.

A situation that has benefited NFT-based games as he explains: “This renewed passion for games has also caused a surge in game stocks. This trend will continue as people move away from society. As gamers discover blockchain games, powered by NFTs and digital collectibles, which offer an entirely new and immersive gaming experience, they will continue to adopt these ”.


It is therefore clear to Mr. Russo that the future of gaming lies in the development of games based on non-fungible tokens because of the unique gaming experience they offer. He also indicated that NFTs are emerging as stand-alone assets within decentralized finance. If you look at things from the same perspective as the person concerned, the brand new Gaming Forum will probably grab your attention!

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