Tikkie Check: fast and safe payment in catering

Tikkie Check was extensively tested in the past year at a dozen catering locations throughout the Netherlands, with more than 1,000 consumers and 106 catering employees also questioned. For example, consumers (85 percent) find it an advantage that you can pay much faster and contactless compared to cash or pin, 91 percent of the catering staff share this opinion. Over 9 out of 10 catering visitors would also recommend Tikkie Check to others. Plein4 in Eindhoven is one of the catering locations where Tikkie Check has been tested. “Our employees are very pleased with Tikkie Check, especially on the terrace and when there is a lot of traffic,” says Jordi Valk, owner of Plein4. “Guests do not have to wait long for their bill and can easily reward the waiter with a tip during checkout. As a result, my staff spends less time paying and can pay extra attention and service to the other guests. We have received many positive reactions to the pilot and customers would like to be able to continue to pay with Tikkie Check now that we are open again. “

Tikkie Check makes paying in the hospitality industry easier, more fun and safer

The trade association Koninklijke Horeca Nederland also sees the benefits of Tikkie Check. “With the arrival of Tikkie Check, paying in the catering industry will become easier and more fun for guests, employees and entrepreneurs. It is a well-functioning and safe digital payment method, “says Dirk Beljaarts, General Director of Koninklijke Horeca Nederland. “Now that the catering industry is open again, catering companies need solutions that increase their service to guests in a safe way. Even under the current circumstances, Tikkie Check ensures a good, fast and safe flow in restaurants, cafes and on terraces. “


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