How to weather the summer heat in the office

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# 1 Comply with dress code

Women definitely have the better cards at 30 degrees. Skirts and tops in the office are usually not a problem, even in industries where trouser suits or suits are otherwise worn. Men have a harder time: If a shirt and suit are compulsory at their workplace, this cannot be avoided even in midsummer. Airy materials and light colors can help a little – but no white, please. Unlike women, open shoes are taboo, and calf-length socks are also mandatory. Regardless of gender, it can make sense on hot days to have a second outfit in your pocket – and a good deodorant.

# 2 Drink a lot, don’t eat too hot

More than usual, of course: drink a lot, at least two liters – and instead of coffee, prefer water or a juice spritzer. Better than ice cold drinks are lukewarm ones. Then the body does not have to heat the liquid to body temperature and use energy to do so. The body first has to cool down hot food to its temperature, which also costs it energy reserves. Several small dishes are recommended throughout the day. Anyone who wants to make their team happy brings ice cream for everyone from the lunch break.

# 3 Schedule more time

As is well known, heat can make you sluggish. Allow a little more time than usual for everything, starting with the commute to work. If your employer allows it, take a slightly longer break at noon and look for a shady spot in the park with nice colleagues.

# 4 Plan summer activities for after work

A big advantage of summer: after work, the day doesn’t feel like it’s over. Anyone who drives directly from the office to the lake or the outdoor pool, does water sports, has an appointment in the beer garden or open-air cinema, can look forward to the whole working day to have a little bit of holiday atmosphere later. It’s good for the soul, and the next day you return to the office more refueled. If not too many of the team are on vacation at the same time, summer can also be the ideal time to reduce overtime. So you have time for a long weekend at the sea even without a vacation.

# 5 Organize your own vacation well

If at some point your own vacation is due, a good handover is advisable not only for the others in the team, but also for yourself. This prevents stressed colleagues from calling you on the beach with questions about work topics. Start preparing two weeks in advance to inform everyone about your vacation and to write to them. Experience has shown that a lot accumulates in the 14 days before the holidays. Plan the handover at the last minute, things risk going under. If the whole thing is done in advance, your representative has the opportunity to ask questions. If you give a colleague access to your e-mail inbox while you are away, you don’t have to read hundreds of messages after your vacation. Write a handover report in which your team can read important points if necessary.

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