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Against the backdrop of a heatwave, the entire world economy is liquefying, and France is no exception. At the same time, it is blowing like an air of spring on the Bitcoin and crypto sector. This welcome freshness against the background of an explosion in the price of Bitcoin and the rise of decentralized finance will it only be fleeting, or on the contrary the premise for a change of funds? While this question is difficult to answer in the stifling heart of summer, some do not lose the rhythm and only hear about the beach and terraces in the form of rumors.


Among these brave men is the benchmark French Bitcoin and crypto exchange team ZEBITEX. In fact, while you go through the mojitos on the rock and the summer crosswords, the Toulouse friends of the group DIGITAL SERVICE spare no effort to reserve you a back to school full of surprises. Come on, get into the air conditioning, they’ll explain it all to you!

Warning : This article is offered to you in partnership with the company ZEBITEX. Crypto investments are risky by nature, do your own research, and invest only within your financial capacity. This article does not constitute an investment invitation.

Glacial currency

Summer will be hot. In an unprecedented economic context due to the Covid crisis, the traditional equity markets returned to their near highs during the month of June before showing signs of slowing down in recent weeks. Investor nervousness even seems to have returned more recently with the publication of growth figures for the eurozone (-12.5%), the historic fall in French GDP (-13.8%) and the American economy (contraction of US GDP year-on-year in the second quarter of -33%) on the 1er semester 2020.

Source : INSEE / The Parisian

In the crypto market, the weather is still good with a Bitcoin for the time being well stabilized above the psychological barrier of $ 10,000 but above all to the attack of a well-identified technical threshold for traders in the $ 11,500 zone already touched several times during the month of July. However despite a magnificent monthly close around $ 11,350 and a fine wick in the $ 12,000 region for the first time in a year, seasoned traders have noted that the weekly close Once again achieved under historic resistance at $ 11,500.

Will the latter finally be purged during a traditionally red month of August for Bitcoin? As for Ethereum, the latter also experienced very good growth at the start of the summer and is currently exceeding its last high of summer 2019, settling at $ 395 as of this writing.

August 2020, the pivotal month?

But if the big market caps have performed well, it is on the side of altcoins and in particular in the Challenge (decentralized finance) that the greatest performances were observed with significant multipliers and still as specific to the crypto ecosystem.

Often surprising growth which should not, however, make you lose sight of the fact that if the prospects for profits are attractive, the risks are commensurate with the current volatility. While some experienced players question the sustainability of this euphoria, which clearly reminds us of the moments of exhilaration observed during the FOMO period 2017-2018 caution is still required. The month of August remains historically a rather complicated period for the crypto market. Will the past once again influence the future, or will a new trend take hold in the medium term?

Will the year 2020, which has not respected any rules and seen many concepts and certainties swept aside, be another new exception? Will we see this bearish bottom trend from the highest peaks in the bull run winter 2017-2018 finally called into question in its structure? Regardless, stay tuned if you are in a position so you can make the right decisions in the event of a market reversal because volatility doesn’t take a vacation.

ZEBITEX, the benchmark French Bitcoin and crypto euro exchange in good shape

For ZEBITEX, this 2020 growth remains exceptional with a considerable increase in our number of users and above all from our active community, which has been even stronger since the start of the summer and the various listings we have put in place.

After the success of FICO, the 1time ICO with a visa AMF of history, project led by the company French ICO we were talking about here, we offered our users the possibility of having access to one of the most exposed projects of late with the flash listing of the token AVAX (Avalanche). The launch on the platform of this first IOU (I owe you, which means “I owe you”) was a real popular success with thousands of new users and global visibility of our exchange.


It will be recalled that this type of operation makes it possible to buy and exchange a token before it is placed on the market and even before distribution to its first investors. ZEBITEX was indeed only the 3rd platform in the world to offer access to this project and the first on the euro market. The ZEBITEX teams are actively working to launch the “mainnet” and ensure deposits and withdrawals at this time.

Far from slowing down, we currently have several other actions on the go, including the current integration on the reference site Coin Gecko. A step forward that will allow us to gain even more international credibility and show our seriousness within the industry, particularly in terms of volume.

“ZEBITEX Coin” and development tirelessly

As a reminder, do not forget that it is essential as Zetraders to validate your subscription to our newsletter so as not to miss upcoming events and other flash actions such as the arrival of AVAX which was announced in preview to our users.

Far from being a period of rest for our team, the summer season is actually very busy for us with the enormous functionality of staking under development, not to mention many other profound changes that will confirm ZEBITEX as a benchmark and most complete French player in the world of Bitcoin and crypto in the coming months.

We have just offered you new options for using the platform with in particular the famous night / day or dark / light mode long awaited which will allow you to rest your eyes during your many hours of trading, or the personalization of your time zone as well as the duration of your sessions and your reconnections.

Thanks to you and your regular feedback via our social networks, we will continue to improve user experience over your many recommendations.

Develop a quality exchange in the spirit of what we have always aimed for, all with our own funds from the start – a real exception in the industry – requires us to make considerable development efforts. This leads us to strengthen our teams and in particular as regards the marketing and the commercial. If you are passionate about blockchain, cryptos and decentralization, know that we will study all applications and that our needs will continue to evolve in the coming months.

So, don’t hesitate to send us your references and tell us what makes you tick in the wonderful world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. For the time being, we are looking for two co-workers on a work-study basis. First, to strengthen our customer service (Sales Assistant) but also our communication force (Community manager / Communication officer) to support us in the management of our social networks. Contact us directly to learn more about the job descriptions in question.

Finally, to give you some perspectives on this second half of 2020, which promises to be exciting for us, our proprietary application is currently in the testing phase. We are therefore looking for beta-testers to help us deliver a product that is easy to use, secure and dynamic for the last quarter of 2020, come to our telegram, Twitter or Facebook request your access.


Help us in our mission to provide an affordable and secure tool for the good father, which will allow him to store his own crypto keys! We will organize contests to reward the most active! As you know, we have also been working discreetly for a few months on the creation of our own token which, we hope, will be able to complete our exclusive offer and thus allow us to approach the global vision that we hoped to achieve by launching ZEBITEX almost 2 years ago now.

Anyway stay tuned dear ZeTraders, because we are going to surprise you again by the end of the year, and as you know from the beginning, if we are here it is again and above all out of passion!


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