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Few young people are unemployed in these EU countries

In May 2020, around 14.4 million people were unemployed in the European Union. According to the statistics agency Eurostat, around 7.4 percent of the employable were without a job.

The rate for EU citizens up to the age of 25 was more than twice as high. About one in seven (15.7 percent) of them were unemployed. This also shows that job cuts in the Corona crisis hit young Europeans particularly hard.

The gap in youth unemployment in Europe is particularly extreme. In Greece, exactly one in three young people (33.4 percent) are unemployed. At the other end of the statistics, less than six percent are affected. In statistics, unemployed are people aged 15 years and older who have been looking for work in the four weeks before the data were collected and who could have taken a job in the following two weeks.

These EU countries have the lowest youth unemployment rate


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