84 percent of freelancers do not want a permanent position

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As a result of the corona pandemic, almost all freelancers have lost income. Nevertheless, most of them want to continue working as freelancers: In a survey on, a B2B marketplace for digital freelancers and companies, 84 percent stated that they did not want a permanent position.

In the Tech & Data divisions, among project managers and agile coaches, this trend was even stronger at 92 and 86 percent, respectively. Around 2500 survey results were evaluated. 92 percent of the participating freelancers had previously been employed.

Even before the crisis, the respondents worked 45 percent of their time remotely, 41 percent on site at the customer and the remaining 14 percent in other locations such as coworking spaces. Every second freelancer felt productive even during the corona measures. Communication with customers went well or very well for 64 percent of the freelancers.

The survey also shows which professional groups have suffered the worst slumps. The film, sound and design division was hit hardest with 89 percent, followed by communication and marketing (86 percent), management consultants (78 percent), IT and data (75 percent) as well as project managers and agile coaches (61 percent),

According to Malt, 1.3 million people work as freelancers in Germany, 600,000 of them in the digital sector. Their average age is 45 years. More than 50 percent of them have at least eight years of experience with various customers.

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