Take care of milk girl bills

With all due respect for the brave investors, who have already bravely grabbed at the low point after the devastating crash and stocked up on the capital market, nevertheless, widespread milkmaid bills should be considered at times.

Yes, no doubt the markets have come back impressively. At the beginning of April, hardly anyone would have thought that the DAX would already be above 13,000 points again by the end of July. And yes, those who have just bought in the past few months may be significantly in the plus. Stock market journalists in particular are tirelessly pointing out in these weeks how spectacular this second quarter was. Only that is only half the truth and in the worst case, inexperienced savers lead to reckless actions. For example, there is talk of the millennials; those young people who have allegedly discovered the stock market for themselves and are now getting on; the big profits in mind. This reminds many older market participants of the Neuer Markt and the consequences of daring investors. In truth, it is rather the case that the vast majority of private investors have initially suffered really painful losses and are now slowly having to save themselves again in the profit zone. This means that either the savings plans will simply be maintained and it will take a long time until the red area reaches the green area, or that investors will have the liquidity and will actually buy relatively cheaply. Only in very rare exceptional cases are investors with the complete saved and allocated portfolio consistently well ahead.

Regardless of the side effects; Continued disputes between the United States and China, disputes over the distribution and use of European funds for corona-related economic reconstruction and, last but not least, concerns about a widespread second wave of the pandemic, partial protection certificates are recommended in these markets. The classics among structured securities ensure a sensible allocation of the individual portfolio; take risks and give more security.

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