Career5 common mistakes that lead to self-exploitation

More than half of the employees in Germany regularly work overtime
More than half of the employees in Germany regularly work overtimedpa

Incredible 6562 hours of overtime work for specialists in the course of their professional life. This is confirmed by the “Working Time Monitor 2018”, a compensation study by the analysts from Compensation Partner. When evaluating the data, it was found that 53 percent of employees in Germany regularly work longer than contractually agreed. However, according to the data analysis, only 38 percent receive compensation. The willingness to work longer and harder than would be required subjectively is one of the symptoms of self-exploitation. Five mistakes and how to avoid them:

# 1 lose sight of working hours

Those who suffer from self-exploitation accept the fact that their own health suffers. Working on the load limit often leads to burn-out – a stress syndrome that is gradually becoming a widespread disease. Be aware that overtime does not necessarily mean that you perform better. On the contrary, the concentration fades, mistakes creep in and you burn out in the long term if you are under constant pressure. Resolve to use regular working hours more effectively, but to finish work on time.

# 2 Do not separate professional and private

As they say? Service is service and schnapps is schnapps! What is casually summarized by this saying is the fact that one should draw the clearest possible distinction between everyday work and private life. In the digital age, this is becoming increasingly difficult for many. After all, thanks to smartphones and Co., you can be reached at any time and continue working even on the go. Force yourself to stop reading or writing professional emails at home after work. The work cell phone can also be switched off completely.

# 3 Not enough breaks in the home office

Flexible working models and the possibility of a home office can make everyday life extremely easier – or turn the opposite. Working from home can result in breaks being neglected and working far beyond normal office hours. Despite the home office, at least half an hour lunch break should be scheduled.

# 4 Don’t always say yes

Your high level of motivation in all honor, but you don’t have to take on every task without exception just because someone asks you to. Sometimes you can say no. To-do lists help to structure the day and to remember what you already have on the list. This will prevent you from spending too much time at once. At the same time, your own achievements and successes are visualized.

# 5 Work despite illness

A classic sign of self-exploitation is working despite illness. Your body clearly signals that you need a break, but you ignore it. That thanks you neither your health nor your colleagues. Because nobody wants to be infected. Ailing employee is not really efficient anyway. So cure yourself if you are sick!


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