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How to buy Litecoin on eToro

Have you decided to start investing in Litecoin (LTC)? In this case, use the eToro platform! Created in 2008, it is one of the best trading platforms to buy various cryptocurrencies, including Litecoin. In addition to being part of the platforms recognized in the registry Regafi, it offers a multitude of payment methods, unlike other platforms. Thus, eToro is a reliable broker, but also very flexible. From signing up to purchasing your Litecoins, check out our guide.


Create an account on eToro

Before purchasing your Litecoins on eToro, you will first need to register on the platform.

The platform asks some personal information when creating your account. You will need to fill in:

  • Your last name ;
  • Your first name ;
  • Your username ;
  • Your mail ;
  • A password.
To buy your Litecoins on eToro, first register!

You will notice that the platform also asks you for a phone number. This will help especially for the protection of your account which we will explain to you later.

You will then need to validate your account. For this you will receive automatically an email in your mailbox. You will then just have to follow the instructions in the email for your account to be validated. Note that it is important to validate your account before making your transactions, because this will allow you to be sure that your account is linked to the correct email address.

Complete your profile and protect your account

Once registered and logged in to your account, you do not hesitate to first complete your profile. Clicking on “Complete profile” you will be taken to a page where you can provide more information about yourself. You will be able to indicate:

  • Your sex ;
  • Your Date of Birth ;
  • Your contact information ;
  • Your experiences and Goals ;
The more complete your profile, the more features you will have on the platform

Finally, other information can be added, including a phone number to then activate what is called the 2FA (two-factor authentication). This is a form of security that consists of connecting via two means (for example: classic password + a code sent to your mobile).

Getting Litecoin on eToro

Now that you know how to register on eToro, we will now see the steps for buy Litecoin on the purchasing platform.

Make a fund deposit

Before starting to search for Litecoin on the platform, you will first need to make a deposit. In short, it simply corresponds to credit your eToro account to then shop.


Start by making a deposit of funds on eToro with your bank card, bank account, etc.

To do this, simply click on “Deposit of funds”. You will then have to choose the amount you wish to deposit. Then just choose your means of payment, provide the requested information, then click on “Submit”. The advantage of eToro is that this platform offers you several payment solutions, including:

  • The credit / debit card;
  • PayPal;
  • Bank transfer;
  • Skrill;
  • Neteller.

To know : To the right of the amount you will have written is the total you will have to pay, because it corresponds to what you want to deposit + platform fees.

Buy LTC tokens

Now that your account is credited, you can finally move on to the part that interests you: the purchase of your litecoins.

Buy Litecoin on eToro

First start with find the litecoins. If you are on the eToro home page, simply use the search bar to find the cryptocurrency by simply typing “Litecoin” or “LTC”. Otherwise, you can click “Markets” on the left to open a page showing you the many existing cryptocurrencies. Then by clicking on “Crypto”, you will open the list of cryptocurrencies. Litecoin being among the best cryptocurrencies on the market at the time of writing this guide, you will easily find it. If you want to know the ranking of the best cryptocurrencies, click here.

You can first click on the Litecoin logo to open the cryptocurrency page and thus see its latest information, or simply click on “Buy” to open a purchase page.

You will have the choice between make a buy order or invest. The order automatically purchases the cryptocurrency when it reaches the indicated rate, while the investment allows you buy the cryptocurrency directly. Once the information is marked, simply click “Place an order” (if you make a buy order) or on “Open position” to complete your purchase.

Warning : Once purchased, don’t leave your Litecoins lying around on the platform. To do this, use a wallet (or wallet). This is a secure storage process. Click here to find out more.

What should you remember to buy Litecoin with eToro?

eToro is a very reliable platform for people who new to cryptocurrencies. With its very intuitive interface, it allows newbies to buy their LTCs with different payment methods without hassle. So, whether you use your bank card, PayPal or even prepaid cards, you can quickly buy your Litecoins through this platform.


Note that if you want to transfer Litecoin to other people, you have several ways, even through messaging apps.


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