What is important when looking for a holiday home?

Many dream of it: a holiday home in the dunes
Image: Thomas Linkel / laif

A home by the water is appealing to many, especially in times of Corona. But for enjoyment without remorse, caution is required. We reveal what needs to be considered.

Ssummer time is vacation time. However, given Corona, many people are spending their vacation in Germany this year, some even at home. The security and security of their own four walls seems even more attractive to them than they already are. This also increases the longing for vacation properties. The German coasts are particularly popular.

The corona crisis is leading to a growing interest in buying a vacation home, especially in the North and Baltic Seas, say the experts at Interhyp, the building finance broker. The “lockdown” and limited travel options would have put the focus more on the topic of holiday properties in Germany, says Mirjam Mohr, board member for private customer business at Interhyp. This applies to real estate that is only intended for personal use and also for renting. If a vacation property is financed, then some peculiarities should nevertheless be considered, says Mohr. It is advisable to calculate the mortgage loan more carefully because of possible vacancies and ongoing costs – from equity to the installments.


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