[NMW] Corné Hoogendoorn: “Interaction with audience at live event has added value”

Nima Marketing Week takes place from 1 to 3 September in DeFabrique in Utrecht. Go here for more information and tickets. Headliner Corné Hoogendoorn speaks on Thursday 3 September at 09:00 in the Corpaloods.

What is the latest news at Corendon?

Developments are moving fast. Unfortunately, we still have to regularly cancel holidays from our customers, but fortunately, thanks to the launch of the Dutch offer, we see that we respond well to their needs. In addition, there are still enough people who want to go abroad.

What marketing challenge does Corendon currently face and what role do you play in this?

We see that some of our customers prefer to stay in the Netherlands. As mentioned, we have responded well to this by also launching a Dutch offering, including Costa Hollanda and recently a number of excursions for the late season. Reaching our target group and meeting their wishes is the biggest challenge. People who want to enjoy a holiday in the Netherlands should be tired as little as possible with offers abroad and vice versa.

Nima Marketing Week will take place both live and online this year. What do you think of this setup?

I am looking forward to it. The interaction with the audience and the networking are clear added values ​​of live events compared to webinars. I think it is great that the content of the event is widely available by making it available online.

Why are visitors wise to come to your talk?

Corona was one of the first and very hard to hit the travel industry. I take the NMW visitor along in the way we deal with this and still manage to seize opportunities.

What other talk would you recommend and why?

I look forward to the session of Caroline van Turennout van Zeeman, a beautiful brand with a clear proposition. In the competitive market in which they operate, they know how to implement everything consistently. I am curious about the story behind it.

How long do you stay on the drink afterwards?

As long as it is fun, so hopefully very long.


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