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In this way, a total amount of € 50,000 was collected in nearly 300 Jumbo stores in recent months. Stay Safe & Geef was created in response to the increasing demand for help as a result of the corona crisis. It is extra difficult for the food banks at this time to make a living for their customers.

Jumbo customers have donated their deposits to the Food Bank in recent months

Moreover, more and more people who have been duped by the crisis are knocking on the door for help. Food banks in the Netherlands therefore urgently need additional resources. “The commitment of Jumbo and the generous donation of its customers are a great support,” said chairman Leo Wijnbelt of Food Banks Netherlands. “We welcome all the help we receive in this difficult time. Actions involving a large audience are incredibly heartwarming. It shows that there is a lot of solidarity among the Dutch population. With this donation we can help 200 families for a year. That’s really fantastic.


In addition to donations from customers via the deposit machines, Jumbo together with its suppliers donated hundreds of thousands of additional products and thousands of shopping bags in early April, as well as a special gift for all approximately 12,000 volunteers of Food Banks

As a family business, we warmly support Food Banks Netherlands with all its volunteers.

The Netherlands.

“As a family business, we warmly support Food Banks Netherlands with all its volunteers. They work hard to provide many households with their basic necessities every day, “said Colette Cloosterman- van Eerd, Jumbo’s Chief Customer Officer (CCO). “The food banks are directly affected by the consequences of the corona crisis. That requires extra support. Jumbo has been a partner of the Dutch Food Banks for many years, and now we want to offer this extra help. It does me good that a lot of Jumbo

customers see it this way and together they have saved a nice amount of return proceeds together. “


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