Dear relationship among colleagues: These rules apply

# 1 Relationships must not be prohibited

Unlike in the USA, employers in this country are not allowed to interfere in the love life of their employees. The prohibition of relationships would constitute an impermissible interference in the personal rights of individuals protected by the Basic Law, the DGB legal protection informs in an online article.

# 2 Relationship must not be exploited

But that doesn’t mean that employee romance never affects employers. This is the case when the more influential partner takes advantage of the dependency relationship when there is a power gap in the relationship. “This is a breach of contract and can be punished by the employer,” explain the legal experts of the union.

# 3 Work must not be affected

Many people are not aware of the fact that private jobs have no place in the job. This applies to turtling as well as to discussions about football. Very few companies insist that working hours are devoted to the job one hundred percent. In the case of love relationships, however, it is particularly important that this part of private life must not impair work. Frequent rendezvous in the coffee kitchen or numerous love messages via chat should be avoided in your own interest. According to DGB legal protection, anyone who is not concentrated at work risks being warned because of poor performance. “If the work is impaired by the fact that the lovers share an office or a workbench, a transfer can also be justified,” warn the experts.

# 4 Leave the workforce outside

Some colleagues manage to keep their relationship within the company largely secret until the wedding. According to legal experts, this is not a bad idea. Public declarations of love in the company should therefore be avoided so that colleagues do not feel irritated or even bothered. “Since the boss has a duty of care and is also responsible for a good working atmosphere, he can intervene,” they warn.

# 5 No privileges, but no disadvantage either

“Lovers cannot claim special privileges, for example when it comes to shifting or the location of their vacation,” the lawyers have to disappoint those affected. In return, lovers should of course not be deliberately disadvantaged, for example when planning vacation: “If there are no operational reasons or vacation requests from other colleagues, there is a right to a vacation time together.”


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