Commerzbank share: Showdown shortly before the figures – chart analysis

The technical situation of the Commerzbank share remains difficult. After the MDAX-listed financial security was unable to keep the breakout above a chart-technical obstacle zone stable at 4.65 / 4.77 euros, pressure came on the share price. So far, however, the Commerzbank share has been able to prevent major price losses that would have been problematic from a technical point of view. At EUR 4,449 and yesterday at EUR 4,436, the lows of the move from the past few days were recorded. A technical support mark above EUR 4.43 has thus held.

After yesterday’s XETRA closing price for the Commerzbank share at EUR 4.509 (-1.44 percent), current indications were at a stable price level of EUR 4.50 / 4.55 early Thursday morning. Traders should keep an eye on: Commerzbank’s quarterly figures could provide important impulses for the share price in the coming week – it is questionable in which direction.

From a technical point of view, it stays that way: The focus is still on the first smaller support brands, which extend above EUR 4.43. A slide of the Commerzbank share below this could put nearby chart support marks between EUR 4,256 and EUR 4,388 in the focus of events on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. However, Commerzbank’s share price should not afford too many sell signals unless a new tertiary downward movement is to emerge, which could lead to more significant losses following the recent upward movement from EUR 2,814 to EUR 4,859. In the range between 4.65 / 4.69 euros and 4.77 / 4.86 euros, the MDAX value meets strong chart technical obstacles if the price trend should turn up again.

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