Child benefit is mainly applied for for houses

DThe state building child allowance is in greater demand for the construction of private homes. More than nine out of ten applications were made last year and in the first half of 2020 to buy or build your own house. This is the result of a response from the Federal Ministry of the Interior, which is also responsible for construction, to the Green Group in the Bundestag.

Since September 18, 2018, families have been receiving a government grant to build a house or buy property. There is € 12,000 per child, paid in ten annual installments of € 1200 each. The final application can be made for the child benefit if a building permit is granted or a purchase contract is signed on December 31, 2020.

“Fire accelerator when pitting”

From January to June, there were 16,770 applications (91 percent) for homes, 1,717 applications (9 percent) for the purchase or construction of own apartments. Last year, the ratio was almost the same with 31,086 applications for 3095 apartments. In the initial phase, the last few months of 2018, 950 out of 6,724 applications, or around 12 percent, were apartments.

“It shows once again that the child benefit is like a fire accelerator in the area,” said the spokesman for construction and housing policy of the Greens parliamentary group, Chris Kühn. “It only triggers deadweight effects. Instead of pumping billions of euros into an already overheated market, the money would be better invested in affordable rental apartments. ”

Federal government’s goal in the distance

The Federal Government has set itself the goal of reducing land use to less than 30 hectares per day by 2030. According to the latest figures for 2018, around 56 hectares a day were newly designated for settlement and traffic areas, which corresponds to about 79 soccer fields.

The figures from the Ministry of the Interior regarding the new building also showed once again that the Federal Government threatens to miss its self-imposed goal of 1.5 million new apartments during its term of office. In the past two years, around halfway through, around 580,000 new apartments and homes have been created. There is not much time left for the grand coalition: The next regular Bundestag election will take place between the end of August and the end of October next year. “The federal government misses its targets when it comes to building new homes,” commented Kühn.

The Home Office rated the data differently. Compared to 2009, the number of completed apartments rose by around 84 percent, which is also thanks to the “good and reliable framework conditions”. “It can be assumed that this trend will continue.” Taking into account the considerable construction overhang – i.e. the number of approved but not yet completed construction projects – “the construction of more than 1.5 million apartments will be completed or initiated by the end of the legislative period have been, ”wrote the ministry.


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