At the dawn of its Mainnet, Elrond (ERD) announces its listing on Bitfinex – Cryptocurrencies

Difficult to follow the news of the Elrond project (ERD), as the news follows one another at a frantic pace. A clear desire on the part of the crypto firm to turn up the heat as today is a big day for the community: the official launch of the Elrond Mainnet.

Mainnet Elrond (ERD) launched

July 30 will be marked with a white block, at least for the supporters of the project Elrond who see great potential in it, both for the industry as a whole and for the health of their portfolio of assets. It will be recalled that Elrond’s ambitions are part of the wave of “structuring” blockchain funds, supposed to support a future “Internet of Value”.

Only a few hours left for the official launch of the Mainnet of Elrond, including the launch – simultaneously with the mysterious “Maiar Project“ – is awaited with impatience mixed with excitement for all those who wait to be able to test the beast in real conditions (and to benefit from the device of staking presented as rather generous).

Elrond (ERD) on BitFinex

This is the kind of announcement that on its own would bring happiness (and boost the price) of most crypto projects around the world. But Elrond is so successful that the news could almost go unnoticed in the excitement of the mainnet launch: the ERD token will be listed on August 17 on the exchange Bitfinex, one of the leaders in the sector since 2012.


The platform is renowned for its strict policy on new listing (Elrond will only be the second integrated project in 2020). Note that Bitfinex will offer the service of ERD staking, allowing dividends to be collected by simply storing it on the exchange.

“We are delighted to unveil this listing which is part of a strategic plan to expand our ecosystem, and which brings significant exposure and opportunities for Elrond. The introduction of additional products in conjunction with Bitfinex, such as staking, will strengthen Elrond and prepare it for the prospect of accelerated growth after the launch of the mainnet “.

Beniamin Mincu, CEO of Elrond


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