Smart Investor: Behind the stock exchange party scenes of the growth bulls

In which Smart investor As usual, you won’t have to look behind the glittering backdrop and let critical party guests have their say. “Growth” is just one of the focal points of the new August issue. Overview of the highlights:

Cover story: Fascination Growth

Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Alphabet (formerly Google) – these are the FAANG giants that every child now knows. They dominate their respective niches and have performed well above average for years. Not even the corona lockdowns could damage them sustainably. On the contrary: The best even emerged strengthened. There are also interesting growth stocks and topics in the second and third rows. Reason enough for smart investors to trace the fascination of growth in the August cover story.

Mega trends ahoy!

There is a trend or megatrend behind every real growth share. Smart investor embarks on a search for traces of the megatrends of today and tomorrow. Some things are already firmly established, some are only becoming vague on the horizon. Generous returns always attract. Even if the USA remains the first point of contact for high-tech topics, potential players of tomorrow have already set off outside of this Eldorado.

Nothing works without water

However, megatrends are not only to be found in the areas of AI, 5G, Bigdata, etc. The good old infrastructure is being expanded, modernized and digitized worldwide. Whether roads, energy and IT networks or water supply, infrastructure remains a multi-billion dollar market. Smart Investor shows the most interesting stocks and funds. Speaking of water: a quarter of the world’s population is affected by water shortages. Distribution struggles and even war threaten. Intelligent solutions are more in demand than ever. Smart investor introduces the most important international players – the spectrum ranges from the supply of fresh water to sewage service providers and filtration to specialty chemicals and measurement technology.

Eurowahn vs. reason

Can the EU be saved at all? After the British jump, the helmet in the rest of the EU is now tightened even more. A package worth billions is supposed to keep the Club Med countries Italy and Spain hard hit by the slump in tourism. In contrast, the chairman of the budget committee in the German Bundestag, Peter Boehringer, advocates a different concept: less government, less central banking and a stop to new borrowing.

Find even more valuable analysis from our editorial colleagues, research results for investors from the class of self-decision makers and critical opinions in the new Smart investor 8/2020.


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