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When the big boss was mining Bitcoin (BTC), it was different! Have today’s miners been able to surpass his technique? Satoshi Nakamoto’s supposed fortune is as impressive as his BTC machine and his mastery of it.

Patoshi’s Gold Mine (2.0)

Whale Alert revealed in an article published on Medium how Satoshi Nakamoto would have mined 1,125,150 BTC, during the first years following the creation of Bitcoin, that is to say at the current price a war chest of more than 10 billion US dollars.

Whale Alert is based on analysis data from Sergio Demian Lerner in 2013, who named the technique that was allegedly used by Nakamoto, under the name of Patoshi pattern.

The corresponding graphics show that this technique produces saw-like lines, while normal operation produces straight lines.

Patoshi Pattern Satoshi Nakamoto Mining Bitcoin BTC

The team of Whale Alert was able to identify and isolate the nonce patterns that correspond to this technique, which enabled them to determine the number of Bitcoins undermined by Patoshi.

Papa Satoshi knows little bitcoin baby

The results also show that the first mining activities of Bitcoin were made by an individual whose software was more efficient than those of the time.

Whale Alert deduced that adjustments had been made to obtain an average of 0.6 blocks every 10 minutes; Nakamoto also maintained a constant hashrate which allowed it to control 60% of the total power of the network.

This time was subsequently revised to one block every 10 minutes, to allow other participants to mine. BTC : 48 computers would then have participated in these operations.

Whale Alert was also able to trace the transaction that allowed Hal Finney to get his first Bitcoins.

Analysts believe that Nakamoto halted its mining activities around block 54,316. Whale Alert are very clear: Nakamoto would have mined such a large amount of Bitcoins, mainly to anticipate and prevent a 51% attack.


Can we one day hope for a return from the Creator or even a message from him, still revealing secrets hitherto buried on Bitcoin? We would like at least a small authenticated message disavowing the 3 horsemen of the BTC apocalypse, just to discredit them completely – there are always fanatics ?


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