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For most Germans, politics has lost nothing at work. A minority of 30 percent of working people regularly discuss political issues with colleagues, as a YouGov survey on behalf of Glassdoor has shown. Accordingly, people particularly like to talk about politics:

  • Men: 38 percent (women: 21 percent)
  • East Germans: 40 percent (West Germans: 28 percent)
  • 43 to 54 year olds: 32 percent (18 to 24 year olds: 25 percent)

According to the survey, whether colleagues raise political issues more often also depends on which party you choose. FDP supporters were particularly evident, Greens voters least enthusiastic:

  1. FDP: 40 percent
  2. CDU / CSU: 34 percent
  3. Left: 33 percent
  4. SPD: 32 percent
  5. AfD: 28 percent
  6. Greens: 25 percent

Politics is often taboo at work

44 percent of those questioned found that political discussions at the workplace were fundamentally inappropriate. At least 28 percent feared negative effects. This was especially true for AfD supporters and least of all for FDP voters:

  1. AfD: 57 percent
  2. Left: 29 percent
  3. SPD: 26 percent
  4. Union: 25 percent
  5. Greens: 22 percent
  6. FDP: 19 percent

“The positive news is that only a relatively small proportion of those questioned fear disadvantages in a political expression of opinion,” said Glassdoor labor market expert Felix Altmann. However, he found it worrying that 39 percent of the workforce has become more reserved about politics at work in the past five years. “This suggests that the heated social debates of the past few years have also continued in working life, but are not being fought for the benefit of company peace or one’s own career,” Altmann suspected.

According to the information, 1066 professionals over the age of 18 were surveyed online for the survey. The survey took place from March 10 to 12, 2020.


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