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For many years, the Football World has always been at the crossroads of two other worlds: collectible cards and fantasy leagues. Who has never dreamed of finishing their famous Panini album? Or to see his club win online against his friends? With the arrival of cryptos and the Blockchain, Sorare decided to go even further! Indeed, this project brings together these 3 worlds in the same place thanks to the use of the Ethereum blockchain (ETH) and NFT (Non Fungible Token). And the project gets straight to the point by signing a partnership with the legendary Olympique de Marseille (OM)! An iconic club with busy news, as rumors of takeovers multiply.

From the field to tokenization

If you’ve never heard of the project Sorare before today, we brought it to you on Cryptocurrencies!

As a reminder, this is tokenize in the form of NFT cards (Non Fungible Token, unique digital items and evolving on a blockchain) the various football players. And the other peculiarity of Sorare is that the intrinsic value of the cards will depend on the player performance which they represent, in the reality of real international competition!

Thus, the cards representing fit players, like Cristiano Ronaldo, or Kylian Mbappe, will be highly sought after and in demand by Sorare crypto-players. Indeed, it is with these players that you will build the best teams, in order to lift prestigious trophies on your own, and then win and sell cards to others! A pleasant way to combine investment, earnings and fun of the game!

All the challenge behind this project, it is therefore to be able represent different football players. And for that, you have to sign partnerships with clubs. The Sorare league seems to have a lot of pace, consider it:

  • Olympique Lyonnais;
  • FC Nantes;
  • AS Saint-Etienne;
  • Lille;
  • Juventus of Turin;
  • Atletico de Madrid;
  • FC Porto.

And that’s only the beginning…

Weston McKennie on Sorare, Unique, Super Rare and Rare Edition

A new partnership in full swing, OM at the time of the NFT

In line with the strategic development of Sorare, was still missing a mythical french club. A club with a history, and a strong track record including a victory in Champions League


And after discussion, the team found a strong partner:‘Olympic Marseille !

Sorare (NFT tokens) enters into a partnership with Olympique de Marseille (OM)

Rachel Clouet (in charge of OM partnerships) explains how this association and the integration of the team’s players in the form of NFT was obvious:

“Sorare is a unique gaming platform that combines two strong trends in sports licensing: fantasy football and digital collectibles. With a young, growing and international user base, it was obvious for a club like Olympique de Marseille to be present alongside the leader in blockchain games. On the Sorare platform, our supporters will interact with their favorite players. And, through its international influence, American and Asian users of the game will be able to better get to know our players, our club and our brand. ”

The Marseille club therefore sees Sorare as a leading partner in order to strengthen its ties with its supporters.

Nicolas julia, CEO of Sorare, does not hide his ambitions for the future:

“We have a very active French community of Sorare managers and we are delighted to allow them to play with OM cards on our platform. Thank you to Olympique de Marseille for believing in our vision of global fantasy football and developing rare digital cards as a new collector’s item. This is an important step in our ambition to have full coverage of Ligue 1 clubs. “

The project is therefore only in its early stages, and there is no doubt that many clubs will continue to join the ranks of the Sorare project!

Football fan in general – and OM in particular -, compulsive collector of NFT, or even crypto investors, you necessarily have a reason to give it a try and dive into the Sorare project! With an ultra-active team, whether for technical or commercial development, it’s a safe bet that you will still hear about Sorare for many years to come!



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