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In Berlin, many tenants reach the cost limit

Housing crisis in Berlin: speculation, privatization and increasing demand have made housing almost priceless. This is shown by numbers that are now also available online.

Berlin has become an expensive place for tenants. Especially in the districts in the city center, average earners could no longer afford many apartments, criticized the Rentwatch project, which is funded by the Ministry of Education and Research, for which almost 80,000 apartment ads were evaluated. The results have been available online since Tuesday. “In Berlin, speculation, privatization and increased demand for housing have now led to a” housing crisis “: More and more people, including those from the middle class, are having enormous difficulties finding affordable housing,” it says.

Affordable housing is so scarce

The goal was to get a current overview of the Berlin housing market, said project spokeswoman Olivia Blanke on Tuesday. To this end, the initiator of the project, Tilman Miraß, and his colleagues have analyzed online advertisements for Berlin apartments over a period of 18 months using a corresponding program. According to this, single households with a net household income of 1,375 euros on average could only afford 4.4 percent of the housing offers in Berlin. Within the S-Bahn ring it is only 1 percent.

What counts as affordable housing

An apartment is considered “affordable” if the rent, including all operating and ancillary costs, does not exceed 30 percent of the net household income. Data from the 2016 microcensus were used for average income. According to Mietwatch, the situation is particularly tense for households with five or more people and an average income of 3,000 euros: Among the 859 possible offers within the S-Bahn ring, there was not a single “affordable” offer in the 18 months examined.


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