Heidelberger Druck share: The share price has to go over this brand! – Chart analysis

The Heidelberger Druck share has seen new life in the past few days. Whether this phase lasts longer is currently decided, among other things, by an important chart-technical brand that has come into focus again. For three trading days, Heidelberger Druck’s share price has been trying to overcome this strong obstacle zone, which is formed by two striking daily highs of 0.7135 euros on March 18, 2020 and 0.7345 euros on June 9, 2020. A stable breakout over this important brand would be an important chart-technical buy signal for the printing press manufacturer’s share certificate.

A look at the chart shows the reason: If the Heidelberger Druck share could leave the area behind, there would be a chance of a complete bottom formation after a long downward movement. The zone below 0.7345 euros has been the “lid” on this formation for months. With daily highs of between EUR 0.7195 and EUR 0.7330, the breakout in the last three trading days has so far not been successful. The crucial chart zone remains in the spotlight. Yesterday the Heidelberger Druck share closed the day at 0.7295 euros (+2.39 percent), current indications are around 0.712 / 0.735 euros at a similar price level.


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