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Economic stimulus These companies do not pass on the VAT reduction directly

The economic benefit of the reduction in VAT is doubted. For retailers, the reduction primarily means a great deal of organizational effort.

Most companies, however, pass on the reduced levy to customers completely by the end of the year – be it a matter of honor or because they do not want to be insulted as a Corona winner. However, some companies temporarily increase their prices secretly and thus become the sole beneficiaries of the federal government’s tax gift.

Retained VAT cut

This is neither dishonest per se nor prohibited. Dealers are not obliged to pass on the VAT reduction. Shops in the neighborhood in particular like to treat customers to the small gain in the economic crisis.

But luxury companies and online shops, which experienced a boom anyway during the crisis, are also sinking the tax cut, sometimes with flimsy excuses. Or it can be difficult for customers to redeem the bonus.

It is up to consumers whether they accept such behavior or prefer to spend their money elsewhere in the next few months. Treacherously smooth prices can be an indication that this was not reduced by three or two percent. A large company has already given up its strategy under customer protest.

These companies do not pass on the VAT reduction – either completely or automatically – to customers:


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