Despite corona: number of beer brewers continues to rise

Remarkable statistics in this day and age of corona.

According to, the peak of the beer revolution has been reached.

From now on, the number of breweries will decrease, Alain Schepers provides the beer community with beer experts.

Our country currently has 782 breweries, according to the Dutch Heritage of Beer Culture Foundation. 27 new breweries were added this year and 14 closed. “That seems remarkable. However, the increase can be explained. The increase is mainly due to brewers. These are brewers who rent brewing capacity and do not have to invest in equipment and personnel. The risks for a rental brewer are much lower than for brewers who do invest in their own location with a brewing kettle, “says Schepers.

The corona crisis has brought many breweries into trouble. “This certainly applies to breweries that depend largely on the catering industry for their turnover. Some breweries lost up to 90% of their turnover. The government measures allow them to move forward. The damage therefore seems to be not too bad. However, it is feared that a number of breweries will fall over. A second wave would have disastrous consequences. “

Beer remains popular

A drop in the number of breweries does not change the popularity of beer, according to Schepers. “Beer remains popular. There is so much to discover in the Dutch beer world. An increasingly large group is exploring the beer country. We notice this, for example, by the number of registrations for the Bierista Beer Training, with which we show beer lovers the way in the colorful beer world. “


The closure of the catering industry, the cancellation of events and festivals has led to a lower beer consumption. In recent months, over 30% less beer has been drunk. Home consumption has actually increased. “At home people choose more special beers. Especially in difficult times we want to give ourselves an extra treat. We clearly see this in our community, where many more special and also more expensive beers are drunk. “

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