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“Bitcoin’s next bull run will be radically different. Today there is exponentially more capital, human skills, infrastructure and high-quality projects than in 2017. Not to mention the very real specter of inflation that all fiat monetary systems will face. the future. Fasten your seatbelts ! “. This is in essence the background to Cameron Winklevoss, that of the two billionaire Bitcoin twins who are not Tyler, both behind the Gemini platform. Bottom line: Bitcoin’s next bullish phase could make the 2017 explosion seem a modest warm-up.

The Winklevoss Twins, Oracle of Bitcoin

Obviously, when one of the two Bitcoin princes, billionaires and jet-setters of their state, gives his opinion on Bitcoin, we tend to listen.

The Winklevoss twinssince it is them that we are talking about – may have been bitten Facebook by friend Zuck, the fact remains that they saw the potential of Bitcoin arriving more than anyone else, investing heavily in the digital currency until they found themselves at the head of 1% of the entire Bitcoin capitalization , excuse the little.

But despite this already brilliant journey, for Cameron, things are clear: faced with what is happening, Bitcoin’s past successes will become all relative.

A colossal and structured amount of capital

Never before has the crypto industry and economy been both so robust and in battle order. In terms of market indicators, we will obviously think of the great form of stablecoins, and more particularly of the impressive capitalization of the first of them Tether (USDT), backed by the US dollar. With a little more 10 billion dollars in capitalization (and supposedly as much on hand as “real” dollars, at least hopefully), Tether has seen its capitalization double since January 1, 2020.


However, stablecoins (and their increasing volume) are a reliable indicator of market interest, as these particular currencies are used both to secure trading gains and to bypass sometimes cautious local regulations with Bitcoin alone.

Institutionals in the startingBlock

The recent emergence of the proto-giant of institutional investing in Bitcoin has not escaped everyone’s notice. Fund Grayscale at Bakkt, everything that the traditional economic world has major players (stock market, Hedge Funds, etc.) seems to be putting all its weapons into the fight for the legacy of Satoshi Nakamoto. And the future may lie with those who have already had the foresight to position themselves.

“In 2013, everyone thought we were crazy to start a Bitcoin investment fund. Well, look at us now… ”

Barry Silbert, CEO of Grayscale

Barry is right to congratulate himself: Grayscale Bitcoin Fund just passed $ 5 billion and the company now buys more Bitcoin than it is produced. Finally, it should be noted that on a more global scale, not a day goes by without the regulation does not evolve and adapt to the new crypto-economic situation.

All these elements seem to converge and lead to a hypothesis that Cameron does not hesitate to formulate Winklevoss : if in 2017, Bitcoin and the whole crypto ecosystem were able to reach such heights – from not much and in an immature context -, what can we hope now that the financial planets seem perfectly aligned?


And if institutional investment and regulatory changes are essential for the next explosion, we can also follow with interest the current battle for crypto payment cards, the stake of which is nothing less than the access of millions. consumer to the Bitcoin ecosystem.

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