artec technologies: New order from the golf region

New order for artec technologies for the delivery of a multifunctional media recording and analysis system: The company from Diepholz near Bremen, according to its own information from Tuesday, “won through in a tendering process of a state institution of the Sultanate of Oman”. However, the northern German company does not provide any information on the order volume in the communication.

“Interest in our solutions for media monitoring and analysis as well as for security authorities remains high. It is becoming clear that artec’s sales and earnings in 2020 will be significantly higher than in the same period in 2019, ”said artec CEO Thomas Hoffmann.

Internationally, the company wants to continue to benefit from the market exit of a former competitor and to attract new customers. Orders in the second half of the year are expected to come primarily from the Gulf region, including long-term service and support contracts with recurring sales.

At a glance – chart and news: Artec Technologies

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