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Ethereum 2.0 and ConsenSys

32 ETH: the new trendy number? ConsenSys has just released statistics announcing a future staking explosion on Ethereum (ETH) 2.0. If ETH 2.0 is unsuccessful, what is certain is that we cannot throw stones at the Ethereum community.

ConsenSys Confirms New Ethereum Consensus

Data from ConsenSys indicate that 86 millionEthers would currently be kept in portfolios for staking.

The staking is the cornerstone of the new version ofEthereum, which will allow the network to go from Proof-of-Work to Proof-of-Stake.

Users who have a minimum of 32 tokens in their wallets are eligible for staking, a procedure that allows them to earn remunerative interest in exchange for block validation.

ConsenSys is currently developing a pilot project to create a staking platform, in which industry heavyweights such as Binance, Trustology or DARMA

Logo of ConsenSys, actor who does everything possible for the release and success of Ethereum 2.0

When the data matches!

According to the research report ” Ethereum 2.0 Economic Review »Published on July 16, 2020, 77.7% of ETH in circulation would be found in portfolios containing at least 32 ETH.

A majority proportion of Ethers in circulation is in individual wallets and the remainder, approximately 18 million ’ETH, would be managed at the exchange level.

ConsenSys believes that holders of exchange wallets constitute a potential attractive market: one of the objectives of the reward system associated with staking should be the conversion of these latter into active validators.

These data confirm those that ConsenSys unveiled in May 2020: the company had indeed published a study which revealed that 66% of holders ofETH planned to participate in staking from the launch ofETH 2.0.


Wallets are ready to draw the minimum of 32 ETH; Ethereum 2.0 developers should redouble their efforts and increase their pace as the data suggests enthusiastic investors. Winter is coming soon and if ETH 2.0 is too late, the winter season could dampen the ardor of ETH investors. Either way, there is still time to make your arrangements to put in place the strategy that will allow you to reach 32 ETH.


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