Wirecard share: The joy was short, now the pain is coming again

That was foreseeable: after the short air number for Wirecard shares with the increase to 2.186 euros on Monday, things are going down again significantly. The bankruptcy administrator of the bankruptcy group from the DAX had caused a lot of hot air in the company’s share price with a message about the efforts to sell Wirecard’s still valuable activities. After a XETRA closing price on Friday at 1.59 euros, it went up to yesterday’s top, but quickly went down again. Yesterday’s low for the day was quoted at EUR 1.782, and the XETRA closing price for Wirecard shares at EUR 1.8364 and current indications were EUR 1.82 / 1.86.

After the foreseeable brief joy about the course jump, we had given a very clear warning at the weekend about getting involvednow comes the expected pain. Such bankruptcy zocks are not uncommon on the German stock market and regularly end for those in disaster and significant losses who do not take the profits built on hot air with them quickly enough. Yesterday’s trading day for Wirecard shares is further proof of how this happens regularly.


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