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Seven tips on how to find a cheap apartment

Rising rents mean that it is becoming increasingly difficult to find affordable housing. What really helps when looking for an apartment and which factors can influence the rent?

Finding a cheap apartment is not always easy. When looking for a reasonably priced new place to stay, not only the location and equipment play a role. Here are seven tips that can help you find a cheap apartment.

1. Make notices

If you already know in which part of the city you are looking for an apartment, you can put up notices in the neighborhood. As with ads on the Internet, you should pay attention to a few things. The best thing to do is keep it short and only name the most important requirements for your new apartment. Depending on your preferences, a telephone number or email address should be given as a contact option, which you can use to reach you.

2. Join the cooperative

A variant to save on the rental price is membership in a cooperative. This initially involves costs similar to a deposit in order to become shareholders. The shares in a cooperative can range from several hundred to a few thousand euros, depending on the number of members – but this is a long-term investment. On leaving the cooperative, these shares will be paid out again. Membership leaves apartments available to shareholders, which usually have a lower rent than average. There is often a waiting list for suitable apartments, on which you can be placed according to your wishes.


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3. Show initiative

Apart from cooperatives, it can be worthwhile to ask property management companies or landlords directly whether apartments are currently vacant. The name of the administration is on many houses, or you can ask friends about the contact details of their landlords. The initiative can be rewarded if, for example, the landlord no longer has to place an ad due to your demand. Here it is important that you are well prepared and can answer any questions from the landlord or property manager. It is best to create a list of the aspects that are important to you in your new apartment before making an inquiry.

4. Ask friends and acquaintances

Handing over the keys: Often apartments are also brokered among friends and acquaintances. (Source: Getty Images / Piranka)Handing over the keys: Often apartments are also brokered among friends and acquaintances. (Source: piranka / Getty Images)

If you want to move within a city, it is a good idea to ask friends and acquaintances about vacant apartments. They often know someone who just wants to move out and is looking for new tenants. Often apartments are only passed on via a network of friends and acquaintances, which saves the property management work and costs. As a result, these apartments do not even appear on the common portals on the Internet. It can also help to ask friends if they can ask around in their circle of acquaintances for vacant apartments.

5. Get out of the city center

It doesn’t always have to be in the city center – even districts outside can be a nice center of life. Apartments in the city center and in trendy neighborhoods are always more expensive than those a few kilometers away. Most cities also have well-developed public transport, so that the city center can be reached within a few minutes.

6. Have all documents ready

Woman with documents: It is important that the new landlord has all documents quickly. (Source: Getty Images / Peopleimages)Woman with documents: It is important that the new landlord has all documents quickly. (Source: Peopleimages / Getty Images)

If a suitable apartment has been found, some important documents must be submitted to the landlord. In order not to miss a deadline, things like current Schufa information, proof of salary and a confirmation of rent debts should be available. Often there are several applicants for an apartment and a quick submission of all required documents sometimes creates a clear advantage over the competition.

7. Question your own claims

Rental prices are always about what is offered for the money. Every extra that is desired also costs extra – a rule that applies to both the balcony and the bathtub. If it is to be an old building with high ceilings and a large living room, this will drive up the rental price. Before you start looking for an apartment, it is good to question your requirements and wishes. It often helps to delete a thing or two from the list to find an affordable apartment.

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