Roorda and Halal organize spoken word festival

Eight spoken word films on the theme of ‘connection’ will premiere in Podium Mosaic (Amsterdam-West). Initially, the festival called Wild Words would take place in the Westerpark, but Corona threw a spanner in the works. The organization decided in consultation with Stadsdeel West to initiate this alternative video production. The event will also be streamed live this Friday (July 31) and broadcast via Wilde Word’s Facebook page.

Artists who contributed to the films are Justin Samgar (initiator Wild Words), Leeroy Molley (Black Light, see below), Babs Gons, Luan Buleshkaj, Sholeh Rezazadeh, Ike Krijnen, Zeinab El Bouni and Roziena Salihu.

Joeri Jansen, co-initiator Wilde Words and creative director Roorda, says: ‘When Justin approached us for this collaboration, the discussion about diversity and inclusivity in our profession started. The theme of ‘connecting’ appealed to me directly there. It is important that all stories and emotions are heard. Spoken word and hip hop have historically played a major role in the anti-discrimination movement, such as word artists such as Muhammed Ali and KRS-One. Words can create divisions, but they can also connect. By giving words and creativity a stage, more understanding, appreciation, emotion and connection are created. ‘

For more information, visit the website.


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