Academy experience: Aiming high

2.2 million visitors visited the various tree top paths of the Erlebnis Akademie last year. The South Germans are likely to be a bit further away from these numbers this year. Due to the pandemic, Erlebnis Akademie had to close all parks in March. Sales fell to zero. Short-time working was quickly introduced, lenders deferred repayments, banks provided quick and unbureaucratic help. This ensured the liquidity. According to CFO Christoph Blaß, such a situation could have been maintained for almost a year.

But things didn’t get that bad, since the nine nature adventure parks have been starting up again slowly since May – albeit with reduced capacity. The company listed in m: access also notes that demand is still subdued in some cases.

However, according to Blaß, the third quarter should go quite well at the Munich Stock Exchange’s virtual conference. It is progressing faster than one thought. However, the numbers from the previous year should not be reached this summer. However, Blaß is in a positive mood for the coming year. The company then gets impulses from two newly opened locations on Usedom and in Alsace (France). Investments in Usedom are 7.8 million euros, in Alsace 6.0 million euros are being invested.

For the time thereafter, Erlebnis Akademie is planning a number of other projects. Canada, Ireland, Poland, Spain, Slovakia and Ukraine are on the list alongside Germany. The pandemic may delay projects. However, a letter of intent has recently been signed in Ireland.

The new parks could be financed with the help of a capital increase. At the virtual conference, Blaß did not want to tell whether or when this would come. Here his answer was evasive. Certainly this decision will also depend on how the summer business will go. In addition, timing in Ireland will be an important component in the financing decision. Construction of the new nature park is scheduled to begin on the island near Dublin in 2021.

An utterance during the conference then makes you listen. It should be clear that the Erlebnis Akademie likes to open locations with year-round occupancy. However, it should not be known to everyone that one therefore keeps an eye on the southern hemisphere. According to Blaß, there is still no direct planning here.

At a glance – chart and news: Akademie experience

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