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Bright weather in the gold market (XAU) in recent weeks. The barbarian relic sinks record after record, even managing to trace it back to the Bitcoin King himself. Obviously, the ancestor still has glitter to spare, so much so that some feel him growing wings. New record this Monday at 1,944 dollars. The ounce at $ 3,000? An estimate almost too timid! Some dare to whisper 5-figure amounts for the next 2 years. If the future is never written, rare have been the times so propitious for a surge in gold. The opportunity is thus perfect – both for technophiles but also for investors – to discover in a little more detail how to fully benefit from the XAUD tidal wave, using the technologies and vectors offered by VeraOne and its VRO cryptocurrency.


Warning : This sponsored article is offered to you in partnership with the company Vera One. Crypto investments are risky by nature, do your own research and invest only within the limits of your financial capacity. This article does not constitute an investment invitation.

Sparkling gold in the markets

Gold (but we could also talk about the money which is also breaking its own records) is benefiting from an international context in which all the central banks seem to have left aside all caution in heating up the printing press as probably never before.

These are so trillions of dollars that have been poured into major capital-intensive economies, American FED and European ECB in the lead. Almost ***** of new new money, very concretely generated from nothing, was thus injected into the real economy.

That as part of a kind of headlong rush in consumption, post-second half of the twentieth century, the great economic powers artificially generate money supply and inflation, it is a finding that everyone has more or less less in the lead since the first hours of economics in secondary school. What is new, however, is on the one hand the proportion of the current phenomenon, under the pretext of post-COVID-19 economic recovery, but also, and more fundamentally, a form of collective awareness of emptiness. of the transaction and the “loss of value of money”.

Very mechanically, more and more investors and individuals are turning to heritage vectors whose tangible nature embodies a haven of peace in this tumultuous context. If we can talk about land, real estate, it is also very logically the precious materials that fully benefit from the phenomenon, and first in the most precious of all: physical gold. Not to mention the historic bulimia of Central Gold Banks, individuals and businesses are increasingly turning to gold investing. Immediate consequence: a price increase commensurate with the context and its exeptionnality, historical therefore.

“I wouldn’t be surprised to see gold test historic highs set in 2011 at around $ 1,900 an ounce”

Thomas Taw, Head of iShares Investment Strategy for APAC at BlackRock

The comments were made cautiously just over a week ago by Thomas Taw, strategist at investment giant BlackRock. And today, the ounce is approaching $ 2,000 …

In reality, the shape of gold is so insolent that it allows the yellow metal to achieve an exploit in the exploit: to see an increase in its price more vigorous even than that of Bitcoin, yet accustomed to prancing in the lead, as soon as when economic situations tighten up!

So – even if yesterday’s blazing upward explosion in Bitcoin’s price tends to put the matter into perspective – gold steals the show with Bitcoin down 6% since May 7, when the price reached for the last time a little over $ 10,000. Even the enthusiastic statements of the billionaire investor Paul Tudor Jones, announcing that his fund was buying the digital asset, calling Bitcoin the ‘fastest horse’ and inflation hedging did nothing: gold jumped 7.5% over the same period, beating its distant digital descendant.


With this in mind, do you plan to give in to the chants of the barbarian relic in order to boost your physical gold heritage, but without cluttering the underside of your bed or needing to call on your banker’s limited skills on the subject? Then you might be interested in what VeraOne has to offer.

With VeraOne, benefit from the Gold and Bitcoin convergence

We already knew that an ideal investor’s portfolio could very well be content to contain 1 Bitcoin, 32 ETH and 33 VeraOne. I’ll let you go find out why.

Today is a good opportunity to recall what VeraOne is, and how stablecoin VRO should get your full attention.

The VRO token, which a growing community keeps preciously in its wallet is a stablecoin. This stablecoin is not backed by a fiat currency (like USDT), or other crypto assets (such as DAI). The collateral (guarantee) of the VRO consists of physical gold according to a simple formula: 1 VRO = 1 gram of gold.

In other words, holding a certain number of VROs is the very concrete and direct possession of a quantity of physical gold, stored on your behalf by the VeraOne Company.

Note that VeraOne is regularly audited and is a branch of the well-known group of gold buyers, a company dating back more than a decade, particularly respected in the sector

And there, suddenly, you begin to glimpse the relevance of this digital asset forged on a Blockchain, as part of a investment convergence including Gold and Bitcoin. Where you could legitimately wonder about the direction to take and the choice to be made between these two strong personalities, VeraOne offers you an improbable luxury: to allow you not to choose, or at least to have an asset with unparalleled flexibility. . Indeed :

  • To own VRO is to own Physical Gold, simply. You benefit from the potential increases to come of the XAU’s heart, while flexibility
  • But owning VROs also means having the possibility of convert your stablecoins in Bitcoin, BTC in XAU, in a few moments. As such, the very recent integration of the VRO into the Ledger portfolio, as well as the ergonomics of the official website dashboard, allow you to carry out arbitrations as close as possible to the market situation.

In summary, with the VRO token you are able to position yourself in the gold market, having all the power, efficiency and transparency of blockchain technology. Best of all, with VeraOne, you’ll never find yourself more than one step away from investing in Bitcoin. In other words, faced with the difficult choice “Bitcoin or physical gold investment” VeraOne offers you …. not to choose.



As usual, assume that nothing is ever written in advance, the price of gold and Bitcoin even less than the rest. So consider that caution is required in terms of investment. This somewhat universal advice applies all the more at this time, when the crypto asset and precious materials markets seem to be boiling. However, in this tumultuous environment, the stability of an asset like VRO and the strength of the gold investment are of great relevance. To find out a little more in detail and maybe invest in VeraOne, it’s here.

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