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Plexiglas & Co.These brand names are known as products today

The clear shatterproof panes called plexiglass are actually a brand name
Plexiglass is currently ubiquitous. The transparent, shatterproof panes are designed to protect against contamination with the corona virus in shops and offices. Often, however, is not meant plexiglass when talking about such protective glass. Plexiglass is a brand name for acrylic glass. The material was invented in 1933 by the chemist Otto Röhm and his colleagues in Darmstadt. Since then, the rights to the brand have been owned by Evonik Röhm GmbH and since 2019 by Röhm GmbH. imago images / HRSchulz

When a brand name becomes synonymous with a product, it is a double-edged sword for the manufacturer. For one thing, it can be a sign of the dominant position of a brand. A product was often a pioneer here, which literally left its mark on all its successors. In this way, artificial words or terms with new meaning have found their way into everyday language use.

However, it can water down the value of a brand if it is understood as a simple generic term for a product group. If you really want a hair dryer instead of any hair dryer, you should say so clearly.

But sometimes brand names are so real that hardly any consumer knows that they are a registered trademark. In fact, only one manufacturer in Germany is allowed to sell “cottage cheese”. Everyone else has to make do with “granular cream cheese”.

These brands became synonyms:

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