[NMW] Jacobs (Airborne): ‘Listening time is growing steadily’

Nima Marketing Week takes place from 1 to 3 September in DeFabrique in Utrecht. Go here for more information and tickets.

Jacobs is creative director at the Airborne agency. “We help brands find their own sound. We develop voice concepts and podcasts, among other things. You may know the podcast The Journey, which we made for KLM. In addition, I try to get the podcast all over the Netherlands. For Marketing Tribune I list the most important developments within the world of audio every month. And under the name Professor Podcast I discuss the most beautiful new podcasts for “

What do you think of NMW’s hybrid design?

A very smart choice to do it in this form, given the current circumstances. Attending an event online is of course different from being there physically, but an advantage is that you can put together your own program in a very targeted way – without having to be on site for the entire day.

What are you going to talk about during NMW?

Audio is an incredibly powerful tool for brands to connect with their audience. I will specifically focus on podcasts and how you as a brand can use this resource effectively. And of course I also think about the latest developments: because of all anti-corona measures, our media consumption has changed. Interestingly, the popularity of podcasts is growing. Why is that?

Why should everyone come to your talk, especially marketers?

Because audio – and especially podcasts – is playing an increasingly prominent role in our daily media menu. The time we spend on a screen stabilizes. Listening time, on the other hand, is growing steadily and that trend is far from over: just look at the huge amount of people on the street with headphones or earphones. I think as a marketer you should think about the way you present your brand in this audio domain. And a podcast is a very powerful tool for that.

And what talk do you recommend to the marketer (besides your own, of course)?

With such a huge list of interesting speakers, I find that a very difficult question. But I am certainly looking forward to Noor de Bruijn’s story about Etos. This is really an example of a brand that builds in a structured way on a clear and recognizable profile within all channels. Etos also knows how to be relevant to its customers on a personal level. With this approach you can create a relationship that is extremely valuable and sustainable.

How did you get through the corona crisis so far?

Safe and sound. Fortunately, this also applies to the people with whom I work closely. As for work, I pointed out that podcasts are doing well right now. We noticed that at Airborne. We have released several new podcasts, including for Rituals, ANWB and the BankGiro Loterij. And interest in podcasts is only growing. So weirdly, we’re probably busier than ever this year.

Do you have any news?

We have several very nice projects planned for later this year. Unfortunately I can’t elaborate on that just yet, but I would say keep an eye on Airborne.


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