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Image: Grand Prix ceremony last year in Postillion Amsterdam.

A few more people will be added to the list later this week. You can submit a case for the GPCM20 until Tuesday 8 September. The presentation will take place on Tuesday November 24, location to be determined. View all 8 jury chairmen here.

The category is new this year Native, which revolves around content from a brand that is distributed through an existing independent medium and by definition focuses on the form and character of that medium. Developing this native content approach is very different from content marketing distributed through owned or earned channels. This is why this separate Award category was launched for the first time this year for this balance of art between brand interests and medium possibilities. This should reflect the breadth of the discipline.

All jury members per category:

Ramona Chang (chairman, ABN Amro MeesPierson)
Michel Libens (Propaganda)
Jasper Zandbeek (Zandbeek)
Jasper de Weerd (Gusto Media)
Belinda Kalff (PostNL)
Yvonne van Bokhoven (Lewis)

Ralf van Lieshout (chairman, Greenhouse)
Elbrich Raessen (ICS)
Nicolette de Vicq (Leiden University of Applied Sciences)
Noortje Kleijnen (Coopr)
Aranka Staijen (3MO)
Bart Lombaerts (Spyke, Belgium)

Marjan Bleeker (chairman, Ixly)
Ewalt Pol (Kris Kras)
Danielle Dielissen (Rabobank)
Nancy Schuurmans (Self Flow)
Filip Sobry (D’Artagnan, Belgium)

Wies Popa (chairman, Axiom)
Annemiek Hollander (McDonald’s Netherlands)
Willem Dudok (Johnny Wonder)
Taco Rijssemus (IDTV)
Frank Geerts (The Fat Lady)
Irma Bollen (8advice)
Dolly of the Field (MPG)
Maira Evers (The Gardeners)

Sander Hooghiemstra (chairman, WeTransfer)
Patrick van Hooy (Value Zipper)
Jeroen De Liefde (ABN Amro)
Jelmer Wind (5PM)
Daphne Hoogenboom (KLM)
Michael Willems (Mindshare)

Non Profit and Government
Anja Corbijn (chair, Corbijn CS)
Loes van Dokkum (freelance content marketer)
Saskia Divendal (Red Cross)
Dieter Rommel (Com & Co)
Margot Schreuders (WWF)
André Manning (Logeion)
René Ravestein (Ravestein & Black)

Ger Nijkamp (chairman, MSD Animal Health)
Gijs van der Togt (Blue Grass)
Jonas Nouwen (The Big Story)
Lin Chess Board (Glasnost)
Roderick Cremers (Fresh Bridge)
Tatjana Raman (Bpost)

Bart Prins (chairman, The Post)
Jeroen De Jong (Headoffice, Belgium)
Jeroen Van Koningshoven (Fedex-TNT digital)
Tim van de Rijden (Efteling)
Mark Schoones (Wayne Parker Kent)
Anne Stokvis (N = Content)
Marvin Jacobs (Born05)
Thijs Jaski (Yune)


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