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With the launch of Elrond’s Mainnet in a few hours, rumors are rife about what will happen next.

While no one today can predict with certainty what the very next announcements will be, expectations are high for a project that seems to have all the game-changer.

The parallel emergence of the “Maiar project” which is scheduled to launch at the same time does nothing to calm the nerves of a growing community, galvanized by the very sharp increase in the price of ERD in recent weeks. Launching a new web browser? Unprecedented monetary value proposition that would allow – downright – to rethink the very notion of money? Introduction of a form of temporal indexing? Overview of the hypotheses around a project that intends to make a mark on history

Maiar, the web browser of tomorrow… unveiled tomorrow

Difficult to be perfectly affirmative when it comes to Maiar project, whose home page displays both the same count as that of the ERD main network, but which also mentions a very apparent “Powered by Elrond”, not letting the slightest ambiguity hover over the coherence and interconnection of the whole.

The statement on the Maiar website

Very little information available, apart from the possibility of join a queue in order to be part of what is supposed to be a small club of early adopters, queue that you can join here (this link is affiliated, but difficult to know in advance what benefits will be associated with this logic of word of mouth).

The clues are meager, even if everything seems to point to the launch of a browser presented as ultra-efficient, but above all with functions that respect the user’s privacy, guaranteed 0 ads, and even fully equipped with the native TOR total anonymization solution.

Note also the existence of an application downloadable from the Apple App Store. Very recent, its description refers to an equally recent discussion forum and for the moment mainly frequented by members of Elrond and supporters of the project (but which should quickly come alive, no doubt).

The Maiar browser forum
It’s always the same when people arrive 1 hour before the party

However, whatever form it might take, Maiar does not emerge from nothing. From February 2019, Lucian Todea, co-founder and COO of Elrond, described a user-friendly browser, totally against the grain of GAFAM’s offerings and their quest to monetize user data.

“The best browser for you is the one that has privacy and ad blocking features built in and on by default. Maiar is faster and more power efficient than other browsers. It loads major websites 2-8 times faster than Chrome and Safari on mobile, and 2x faster than Chrome on desktop. ” […]

That was a year and a half ago, and Lucian Todea ended his article by revealing what Maiar was planning to move towards:

“These are just a few of Maiar’s starting features. The next iterations will turn Maiar into a blockchain browser, adding several essential crypto features. “

In view of the convergence and timing, it therefore seems that the launch of the Mainnet Elrond takes place in parallel with the unveiling of the Maiar browser.

And besides its functions of protecting the privacy of its users, everything seems to indicate that this new tool could be accompanied by ’a deeply integrated incentive model to what increasingly appears to be Elrond’s central ambition: create a new form of money, nothing less.

After Bitcoin, Elrond (ERD) ready to become “A New Form of Money”

Bitcoin was intended to forge a new monetary, peer-to-peer offer, allowing the individual to do without banks or any other intermediary, in which Satoshi Nakamoto had lost all confidence. The problem is that over time Bitcoin increasingly tends to turn into a store of value, rather than an everyday currency, despite the many innovations on this specific point such as the Lightning Network.

Now, this is clearly what Elrond seems to want to tackle: offer a currency for daily exchanges, with a high liquidity and many incentive and use case models. On this second point, it is clear that Elrond is putting all his strength into the battle. Indeed, not a day goes by without the company announcing a new partnership in the crypto ecosystem, but also in that of payments.

Note for example the merger between Elrond and Swipe, while Swipe has just been acquired by Binance in order to allow Bitcoin and crypto payments by VISA card. In short, major maneuvers are underway.

Regarding the new monetary model that Elrond wants to forge, many rumors are circulating … Some are anticipating ERD earning schemes through browsing and the acceptance of targeted advertising, on the browser model BRAVE (which Maiar claims to be inspired by both approach and technology). Systems faucet (earning cryptos at regular intervals) are also mentioned, without any real arguments for the moment.

But where things get interesting, where rumors turn into anticipatory tales, is when mechanics are brought up. which would mix emission, network and monetary inflation, but also… temporality!

From this perspective, the choice of the name “Elrond” would be enlightened in a new light: In the Lord of the Rings, Elrond is the name of the Elven king known both for his thirst for conquest but also for his exceptional longevity! A perfect allegory.

The whole thing is also reminiscent of the dystopian anticipation film “Time Out”, a work in which a system is described where time has an all that is most tangible value.

Owen Simonin, better known under the pseudonym Hasheur, is renowned as much for its crypto popularization videos as for promoting ERD in France. In doing so, through his company Just mining, he spurred the emergence of the Frenchy community, one of the most enthusiastic in the Elrond ecosystem.

Usually talkative, Owen however takes on an air of mystery when asked where Elrond is going.

“I cannot go into details but the ambitions are truly mind-blowing”

Owen Simonin, solicited on the Elrond project

A little pushed to its limits, the person concerned is content to express himself in ellipses, clearly frustrated at not being able to say more.

Between the lines, however, it is possible to glimpse the true ambition of Elrond: to give birth a new monetary form, different from fiat, different from Bitcoin and crypto currencies, different from gold, and with a new kind of liquidity. And this new form of money seems somehow to have to be tied to what remains our most precious possession. : time.

Finally add to that the cryptic tweets of the boss of Elrond Beniamin Mincu and you will get a perfect mystery cocktail wrapped in a riddle.

“Money has never been about money, and has always referred to the notion of Time. What would happen if you had a way to have more time? 4 days, Maiar arrives. PS: this is not a browser “

Join the Elrond adventure?

While Elrond looks as promising as the team is good at raising the pressure, the crypto investor for his part will tend to ask a much more down-to-earth question: is it too late to “reenter” Elrond?

There is no right answer to this question. If you want to “make a move”, be careful: ERD has seen its value explode lately, necessarily implying a correction at one point or another. ERD is currently at 230 sat, after a high of 277 and an overall rise of 30% over the past two days. Can this increase, particularly caused by the imminent arrival of the mainnet, continue? Nobody knows. On the other hand, in a long-term logic, ERD presents many signs suggesting that he may well be among the leaders in the crypto market – and possibly even beyond – in the next few years. No one knows how far the currency will be able to go and what future records it will break.

In France, Just Mining obviously welcomes the success of the ERD project. This is currently no less than 8 million euros of ERD under management that the company pilots on behalf of its customers. This impressive amount has been achieved in particular thanks to the number of Masternodes that Elrond has agreed to delegate to Just Mining.

The two teams get along very well, much to the satisfaction of their respective communities. If all the initial masternodes – which it will be recalled that they have a profitability of 36% after costs – quickly found takers, a waiting list has been set up for latecomers who would like to jump on the bandwagon.

Is Elrond about to unveil an announcement or product that will revolutionize the future of the money industry? Will Maiar offer a new set of tools that empower its users? It is customary to say that time will tell, but in this case this ready-made maxim has rarely been so apt.


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