Investment tip of the week: Allgeier

In autumn, the IT consultancy Allgeier canceled its plans to bring the software development and digitization business bundled in Nagarro separately to the stock exchange due to the poor market environment. However, the company plans to try again in 2020.

The Management Board expects the decision to be taken later in the year on a better factual basis about the effects of the Corona crisis on the business of the Allgeier Group and the capital and financial markets.

The step would release great values, as Nagarro would then be more directly comparable to the peer group of global software development and digitization companies such as Globant or Endava. The separate listing is also intended to provide Nagarro with independent access to finance and, in this way, to provide further support for the further expansion of the group.

The sale of shares by the Executive Board Hubert Rohrer for just under 161,000 euros does not really fit into the picture. In contrast, Supervisory Board member Thies Eggers entered with a Turbo certificate. Speculative investors follow the manager, although we would prefer equity investment over leverage.

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