Future of Blockchain – Scalability is the Key (Binance “Off the Charts”) – Cryptocurrencies

When it comes to the subject of blockchain technological limitations, scalability always comes up. Scalability, that sweet word synonymous with many problems. Who has never waited feverishly for their transaction to be validated? Who has never heard of plans to promise transaction speeds that would make Visa or Mastercard green with envy? For many scalability is the issue of tomorrow, but what is it really?

Among the conference panels Binance from 3 years “Off the Charts”, one was dedicated to this issue. Her name : “Race to Success: Scalability in Blockchain Development”.

Lucas Nuzzi, Network Data Product Manager at CoinMetrics, animated the debate. Beniamin Mincu CEO ofElrond, Nick white CEO of Harmony, Mo Dong Co-founder of Celer Network and Terry wang Co-founder ofIOST came to present their visions to us.


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