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Missed out on top cryptosphere news this week? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place to catch up with the high-speed crypto and blockchain train. Contents this week: the aftermath of the twitter hack, the launch of the experiment with a stablecoin by the Bank of France, American economic policy compared to the policy of Bitcoin, the ICO of video game publisher Atari and finally to end Elon Musk with a new tweet on Dogecoin!

Bitcoin fake giveaway scam, Twitter CEO heard by FBI and US Senate.

Jack Dorsey explains that the hack was carried out by attackers by targeting twitter employees in charge of verified accounts on Twitter. A hack from one of the main social networks which worries so much the latter is appreciated and used by the President of the United States in person Donald Trump. Last week’s hack required sending Bitcoin to an address to receive double it in exchange, a well-known technique that still made it possible to steal over ten Bitcoins worth over $ 120,000!

The Banque de France reveals the names of the 8 companies that will carry the digital Euro experimentation project.

Among the applications, we therefore find a consulting firm with Accenture, four banks with HSBC and the Societe Generale, Seba bank and ProsperUS, a regulator of the stock and bond market with Euroclear as well as two French startups specializing in blockchain technology for the financial sector with Liquidshare and Iznes. Too bad the euro digital doesn’t rely directly on Bitcoin!

US economic policy to deal with the COVID-19 crisis is causing the Bitcoin community to react.

Indeed, faced with the Covid 19 American economic policy is very aggressive and consists mainly of turning the printing press via the FED (American Central Bank). This policy should therefore allow the economy not to collapse by injecting cash in a massive way. It is estimated this week that over a trillion dollars were injected into the US economy. This allows in particular to maintain the price of the American stock market. It did not fail to make Charles Edwards and Anthony Pompliano say “Pomp” react, both investment fund managers.

ATARI, in partnership with Marvel is preparing its ICO to come in two months!

This is thanks to a partnership with the WAX blockchain which allows you to issue non-fungible tokens thatAtari and Marvel are entering the deep end of blockchain for video games. Atari is thus preparing its ICO which will take place in the month of Next September and which will allow the distribution of the ATARI token. This token will be used in particular for shopping online but also for betting in online casinos.

Elon Musk fan of Dogecoin!

We already knew fan of Dogecoin and of cryptocurrency, Elon musk returns to the load on Dogecoin and this again on Twitter (after the hack which notably affected his account) he thus presents the Dogecoin and its iconic Shiba arriving like a sandstorm coming to strike down the international financial system. The volumes traded being low on the network Dogecoin, this simple tweet from Musk resulted in an increase of more than 20% of the course. It is not uncommon for the Dogecoin reacts strongly to the news, in fact at the beginning of the month a video that went viral on Tiktok encouraged buying on Dogecoin and had allowed the price to rise by over 71%!

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