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Bolloré takes volume at Findel

Boosted by the incoming and outgoing flows of goods during the first wave of covid, operator Bolloré Logistics is poised to climb on the CargoCenter heavy goods vehicle podium.



Boosted by the incoming and outgoing flows of goods during the first wave of covid, operator Bolloré Logistics is poised to climb on the CargoCenter heavy goods vehicle podium.

Freight, freight, freight: Luxembourg airport will have seen them pass in recent months. And therefore the depots of the various logistics operators of the CargoCenter. “For us, it’s clear: we handled as much tonnage of goods during this first half as during all of 2019”, can rub his hands, Marc Hansen. 20,000 tons taken into account, in six months, which delighted the director of the Luxembourg unit of Bolloré Logistics.

Obviously, the flow of pallets loaded with gloves, respirators and other medical clothes provided the bulk of the flow during this period marked by the health crisis. “You have to imagine that we have seen our warehouse pass through the equivalent of 70 mask charters… ”New cargoes but the same work for the teams usually responsible for handling the arrival in the Grand Duchy and dispatching of high-tech products, retail, telecommunications and other machines.

But beyond this exceptional episode, Henri Le Gouis (CEO Europe of Bolloré Logistics) believes more and more in the potential of the Grand-Ducal site. “We clearly see it as a complementary hub to our facilities at Paris-Charles de Gaulle. Findel has the particular advantage of being served by trusted companies like Cargolux first, but also China Airlines, Qatar Airways, etc. And then the very size of the infrastructures means that there is a particularly fast processing time here ”. The long-standing trucking relationship with the Arthur Welter fleet has also proven its worth

Not to mention that when the virus began to take its toll and impact the capacities of other infrastructures in Europe, Findel also continued to fulfill its mission. Luxair and the Luxembourg army providing human and organizational support to the logistics sector. “Here again, it is crucial to know that the country has the means to respond to unforeseen events”, notes Henri Le Gouis, who has seen other sites be more severely slowed down by the health crisis and therefore their import capacity. export penalized.

The operators’ podium

Add to this the positioning in the heart of the Greater Region and Western Europe which allows about fifty trucks to leave Findel warehouses to unload in France, Germany and Holland (90% of flows) and you will have all the measure the importance of the Niederanven facilities in the eyes of the Bolloré group. “As we need to secure our reception and sending capacities, Luxembourg continues to gain points,” smiles the continental director.

A large logistics company has decided to invest in new equipment. Thus, the German freight specialist, installed in Luxembourg since 1989, will soon develop its activity near the Cargo Center at the national airport.

The rise in power has been constant since 1985 and the establishment of Bolloré Logistics at the Cargocenter. From the 4,000 tonnes of goods absorbed at the start, the local team reached 12,000 tonnes in 1998 and 20,000 tonnes in 2019. The record will be broken this year, as will the number of staff in place. “Hiring has necessarily followed growth. In recent months alone, we have recruited seven employees to reach their twenties now. But that was necessary to almost ensure work 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, ”assures the Luxembourg manager.

If the local structure can rely on the network of 135 Bolloré Logistics agencies in Europe, the whole objective for the years to come is to consolidate a clientele in the Greater Region, more or less a hundred kilometers from the airport. And if some operators are closing (as was the case with Panalpina in May), Marc Hansen is now aiming for the top of the podium of logistics operators at Findel. Right next to Kuhn Nagel, DB Schencker or DSV.

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