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Just over a week ago, Twitter was hit with a massive hack into the accounts of several prominent people in a fake Bitcoin giveaway scam. The same scam has been rife since the start of the year on YouTube, with millions of dollars stolen. If the situation was (relatively) quick mastered in a few hours by Twitter, the evil continues to spread on YouTube. An abnormal situation which led Steve Wozniak to sue the platform and Google for not having succeeded in stemming the evil earlier.

A reputation tainted by fraud and which continues to be

If the co-founder ofApple lodged a complaint against the two tech giants, not just out of solidarity with those despoiled.

Indeed, his image and those of other celebrities like Bill Gates were used in the videos used for the fake Bitcoin Giveway and which was broadcast on Youtube. As stated in the complaint he filed, his reputation has been and continues to be tainted by fraud. It should be noted that Google and YouTube have been notified of this and no corrective action has been taken on their part.

” Yes Youtube had acted quickly to stop this to a reasonable extent, we would not be here now. Youtube, as Google, seems to rely on algorithms and no particular effort seems to be deployed quickly in these cases of criminal activity said Mr. Wozniak.


He adds that the two companies have actively promoted and profited from defamation while knowingly providing targeted advertising for fraudsters. According to a report by Whale Alerts, the crooks reportedly made $ 24 million in the first six months of this year, YouTube advertising earning them $ 130,000 per day.

A lax attitude that contrasts with the rapid reaction of Twitter

Representative Steve wozniak in this case, the lawyer Joe cotchett declares: ” When Twitter was hit by a massive hack of 130 celebrity-owned accounts, iThey quickly ended the fake Bitcoin Giveaway in a day. In stark contrast, the complaint alleges that Youtube knowingly let the scam run for months, promoted it and profited by selling targeted advertising “. A situation which amply justifies the approach of his client who is also accompanied by 17 other victims in this complaint.

Brian Danitz, – partner at Cotchett, Pitre & McCarthy, and representative of the complainants – Explain : “The scope of The Bitcoin Giveaway YouTube scam is large and ongoing. Victims of fraud who file complaints come from all over the world, including the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, Malaysia, China and across Europe. The complaint alleges that tens of millions of dollars in cryptocurrency were lost in this scam that could have been avoided by YouTube “.


Steve Wozniak’s action is therefore aimed at obtaining redress for all victims of what has turned into malpractice by Google and YouTube. We are waiting to see what arguments they will present to justify their inaction.

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