Bitcoin (BTC) on July 27, 2020

We can hope for #never below $ 100,000, at the risk of being wrong. Bitcoin (BTC) is still off to a good start this time around to stay above $ 10,000 for a long time. New targets are emerging and, Bitcoin has even hit a new ATH that could give bulls even more breath. At the time of writing, Bitcoin is trading around $ 10,700.

Bitcoin is 2.0 gold, no offense to Schiff

Bitcoin broke the $ 10,350 mark, reaching a new ATH over the 9 month period. Bitcoin was targeting resistance at $ 10,500 without being able to break it. A breakaway beyond this level would put the $ 11,000 in the crosshairs of the BTC.

The analyst of Cointelegraph Markets, filbfilb, indicated that Bitcoin currently behaves like gold and silver which are currently on an uptrend, as bond yields hit new lows and the dollar continues to tumble.

Bitcoin Would it have acquired this time its stripes of safe haven, to the delight of its investors? Is the current positive sentiment the leverage we need Bitcoin to achieve, why not, a new historic ATH in the coming days or failing that, the coming weeks?

Peter Schiff also commented on this performance of Bitcoin who returned to the 5 digits. Schiff the question arises as to the extent of the fall that will follow this crossing of 10,000 USD, Bitcoin having accustomed the markets to a plunge every time it exceeded that level.

Peter Schiff Reviews Bitcoin BTC 10,000 USD Falls

Source : Image via Twitter

Fallback or not fallback: a reply in 2 technical indicators?

Bitcoin now enjoys daily supports above $ 9,900; the daily RSI (14) is at 77, a pullback is still possible. Will new daily supports resist a bearish correction?

From a technical standpoint, traders and investors can still rely on the weekly RSI (14) at 63. So the bulls could still continue their run for some time to come.


Will Bitcoin benefit from the virtuous circle of a rise – a rise causing a bullish feeling, leading to another rise and so on ? Let’s put the suspense aside and celebrate the present day: I take double pleasure in laying the lines for what could be the start of a Bitcoin bull run.


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