ATOSS Software: Outlook confirmed, profit increased

ATOSS Software reports an increase in sales from 33.9 million euros to 40.6 million euros for the first half of the current year. Before interest and taxes, the profit margin increased from 26 percent to 28 percent. This increased the operating profit from EUR 8.7 million to EUR 11.5 million. The bottom line was that the company was able to increase its half-year profit per ATOSS Software share from EUR 0.74 to EUR 1.04. The funds at the end of June put the Munich company at 30.7 million euros.

“The gratifying development in earnings was particularly supported by the successful implementation of large-scale projects and the prudent cost management of the group with a view to the effects of the corona crisis. Necessary investments in the expansion of capacities, especially in the areas of customer services and support as well as research and development, were pushed ahead, ”said ATOSS Software on Friday.

The group confirmed the outlook for 2020 on Friday. Before interest and taxes, a profit of 25 million euros is to be achieved, while sales in 2020 should reach a total of 80 million euros.

At a glance – chart and news: Atoss


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