A hot stock summer? – Munich Stock Exchange column

What was the highlight of the business press last week? The agreement in the EU with the economical four? The better than badly expected quarterly figures of some companies? Not even close. “Protected” is the title of the Augsburger Allgemeine and below is a square chocolate bar. Although without paper, every reader knows which brand is meant. The world calls it a “protected square”. There can only be one, according to the judgment of the BGH in the dispute between the Swabian family company Ritter Sport and the international group Mondelez (Milka).

Hot course rockets

“Without limit” and “These stocks are… everything is unusual” is featured on the front pages of Investor magazines Börse Online and Focus Money. Börse Online deals with the imbalances between rich and poor, including on the stock exchange. The thesis: The prices rise mainly due to a few course rockets from the tech area – rightly? Focus Money is also targeting tech stocks for its exceptional stocks. The four editors Jens Masuhr, Sinan Krieger, Jennifer Senninger and Marian Kopocz argue about the “hottest tech values” – probably because we are in the middle of summer. The four take a closer look at Facebook, Amazon, Tesla, Netflix, Alibaba and Microsoft – a German tech company is not among them. When reading WirtschaftsWoche, on the other hand, we ask ourselves, can a boom die? Emblazoned on the current issue “The Death of the Real Estate Boom” about the effects of Corona on the housing and housing market. On Sunday, Euro thought about how best to invest 30,000 euros with a “clever mix of stocks, ETFs and gold”.

The top 500

The “500 most valuable companies in the world” was chosen by August magazine in August. Since 1996, Euro has presented this selection of the most valuable companies by market capitalization – time for a large balance sheet and a brief review. We are spared nothing, from Telekom to EM.TV and the collapse of the Neuer Markt. Number 1 in the current list: Saudi Aramco. Not only the most valuable company in the world, also the one with the highest profit at 78.7 billion euros. The highest price gain in one year was recorded by Tesla (357 percent!). After all, 21 companies from Germany made it into the top 500, but only SAP with 48th place can really play along.


One word is more popular in the media, which we rarely heard in the past: Boom! Hardly a week has passed since Federal Finance Minister Olaf Scholz named the economic stimulus package adopted by the government (“Coming out of the crisis with bums”) where it does not creep into headlines. In Google search there is even the combination “Scholz – wumms”. This week, Focus Money offered the “combination with Wumms, which deals with social media and online trading. And because it’s also a nice word: “Wumms” is an onomatopoeia! Exactly, a sound mimicking word that probably comes from the language of soldiers. But sometimes financial politicians like it martial, then they like to get out the language bazooka.

No wirecard

And finally, a note: a press review of the week without a Wirecard? Yes and no. In fact, the headlines overturn and the whole scenario is interpreted and staged as “film-ready” for a good reason – a film producer has already reported. In fact, the story is now reminiscent of James Bond rather than a listed company. In this respect, we are holding back for now. “Who knows something like that” finally writes the Süddeutsche Zeitung.

Author: Ulrich Kirstein, Bayerische Börse AG

At a glance – chart and news: SAP


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