Man and machine: consequence of the price increase

Traces of the pandemic can also be seen in the figures for the second quarter in humans and machines. However, these were rather moderate. Turnover drops by 9 percent, earnings decrease by 4 percent. This results in a 9 percent increase in sales for the first half of the year.

As before, MuM expects earnings to increase by 18 percent to 24 percent. This confirms the previous forecast despite Corona. Accordingly, earnings per share should range from EUR 1.17 to EUR 1.23.

SMC Research analysts believe earnings per share of EUR 1.17 are realistic. In the coming year, earnings are expected to increase to EUR 1.50 per share. The dividend should be EUR 1.01 or EUR 1.24 per share.

Since the price of the M + M share has clearly increased, the paper is graded from “buy” to “hold”. Course target and course have clearly approximated. The price target for the paper listed in m: access will be raised from 50.00 euros to 50.50 euros.

The shares of MuM today lose 1.3 percent to 46.90 euros.


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