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Do you feel like a writer or even a journalist-reporter in the fields of Blockchain, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies? In general, does anything related to innovation and Fintech (new Financial Technologies) make you vibrate? Your favorite crypto media is WallCrypt partner for the next webinar organized in a few days on the theme “Jobs in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency – Special Editors – Journalists”. Perhaps the opportunity to take your first step on the path to Pulitzer 2027 or simply to come face to face with the reality of an exciting job.

Writer in Blockchain, a profession of the future

The Blockchain sector and the booming crypto economy ecosystem will be providers of many jobs in the next few years. While the growth of the industry will require ultra-sharp skills, it will also imply the rise of many peripheral businesses whose mission will be to build bridges to the general public, so as to make understandable new paradigms and new economic models. , sometimes counter-intuitive.

In this essential function, editors, journalists and popularizers will have a central role to play. Information and communication professionals will indeed have to make sometimes complex concepts intelligible, so that the benefits of tokenization of the economy or the rise of Decentralized Finance benefit the greatest number. The stake is high: to ensure that the legacy of Bitcoin does not benefit only a small category of very sophisticated technophiles, or financial actors who quickly saw all the benefits of these new emerging models.

Do you like writing and the idea of ​​being a pioneer on a subject that is gaining ground every day does not leave you indifferent? The Marseille company WallCrypt organize this week a webinar who will be able to answer some of your questions and allow you to better discover the profession and its prospects.

Wanted Journalists and Blockchain Editors

Cryptocurrencies is thus a partner of WallCrypt as part of the next Webinar “Employment in Blockchain and cryptocurrency“ Special Editors – Journalists ”” which will be held Thursday July 30. The event is free, you can participate from a computer or smartphone and to register, it’s here.

The whole is organized under the aegis of Jean-luc Lasquellec, professional specializing in digital marketing specific to the continuing education and Blockchain sectors.

Another good news for anyone looking for jobs or training in the blockchain industry: the rise of a platform dedicated to centralizing job offers in the sector. We will also note the presence by intervening outside of Aymeric Labedan from the Association KRYPTOSPHERE.

What are the objectives of the Webinar?

  • Understand why Blockchain and Crypto represent opportunities for editors and journalists
  • Discover job and internship offers in Blockchain and Crypto
  • Where to post your CV and job offers?

Who is the Webinar for?

  • Editors, journalists looking for jobs, assignments
  • Students looking for an internship in communication, writing
  • Managers of media sites on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency
  • Companies specializing in Blockchain and cryptocurrency
  • SEO agencies looking for specialist writers

Imagine the future at Cryptocurrencies?

What if TCT becomes your new home? During the webinar, you will learn a little more about some of the media’s needs, as part of its strong organic growth.

But whether you are looking for an internship, a first experience, and whatever your ambitions, do not hesitate to take the plunge and loudly express your interest by contacting us via the site, or directly by email: [email protected]

You will then be able to see that despite his sometimes unappealing air, an editor knows how to listen.

“It’s way too expensive but let’s face it”

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