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Play is one of the best learning vehicles there is. To play is to activate mechanics related to pleasure and to grasp sometimes complex notions without even realizing it. It is with this observation that the sympathetic behind the Money Block project decided to participate in the democratization of Bitcoin, crypto-assets and the blockchain. From the joys of trading to speculation on improbable tokens, be careful not to end Rekkt!

Money Block is in the very last straight line of its fundraising campaign, you only have a few days left to participate and perhaps win one of the collectors goodies reserved for participants in the fundraising organized on the Ulule site.

The history of Money Block

Money Block is a start-up that develops a fun and educational experience for learn about cryptocurrencies and the basics of blockchain technology. It is on the basis of the observation that these abstract concepts were still enigmatic and difficult to understand that we created a game to make them more accessible and concrete to
eyes of the general public. Our startup is hosted and supported by the Starter, the pre-incubator of Mêlée in Toulouse.

What experience does Money Block offer?

Money Block is a strategy / puzzle game, much like Monopoly, in which players will learn cryptocurrency without risk and learn about blockchain technology by playing different roles during the game. Initially in the skin of traders who trade (fictitious) cryptocurrencies, players will then have to assume the role of miner by choosing the transactions they want to be validated. To do this, they will have to make their IT and energy resources available. By participating in the transaction validation network, they will be rewarded with cryptocurrency tokens.

The game is played in multiple turns until a blockchain is fully validated. A game lasts less than 30 min.

Where is the project at?

A prototype game exists, in the form of a game board assisted by a digital computer module. After many games to test the concept life size and refine the mechanics of the game, the team now wants to bring the gaming experience to a wider audience by developing a fully digital version of the game.
To complete the funding for this project, the team launched a crowdfunding campaign on Ulule on June 17, and open until July 31, 2020.

At the same time, the team is working on several fronts: development, financing, animation and design, … We are also working on the development of a B2B version of the game in order to make it a fun support to support training in companies, schools / universities, or to offer in seminars to create an emulation between the participants.

Working while having fun … and vice versa

The ambition of the Money Block team is to raise a minimum of € 8,000 to complete the funding necessary for the development of the full digital version of the game. Full time on the project, the Money Block team has already finalized the pre-production phase of the game. The idea is to offer the best possible experience to players upon release of the game by the end of the year.

Why a crowdfunding campaign?

There are many reasons for this: this makes it possible to give visibility to the project, to test the market’s appetite for a game on a theme that has not yet been explored, and finally to be able to offer interesting and exclusive rewards to the pioneering contributors of the project.

Project contributors will have premium access to the game, will be able to preview the game by participating in the beta testing phase for game balancing and will receive exclusive Money Block goodies such as stickers, numbered posters, the collector’s game board and the ability to customize your profile in-game.

To date, the Money Block game is very close to reaching its financial goal with more than € 6,300 raised (around 80%). At each step, the team unveils new features on the project such as crazy game cards. The cards introduce players to the lexicon of blockchain, cryptocurrencies and trading.

Exclusively for Thecointribune, here is the SCAM action card. Players can play this card on a cryptocurrency that opponents hold to bring down the prices

Who are the founders of Money Block?

Money Block was founded by two partners: Thomas foicik and Nicolas Delque. The team wishes to promote a fun and educational approach. It is not intended to promote any cryptocurrency but to question its usefulness.

Thomas is the game designer. A trading floor economist since 2010, he has a keen interest in the entry of digital into the monetary sphere. Member of a cryptocurrency and blockchain working group in Paris, his favorite subject is monetary policy. His personal experience as a strategy game player has been essential in the design of the game’s mechanics.

Nicolas studied Finance at Toulouse School of Management, before becoming a consultant in organization and management (financial sector). He has supported numerous banking and insurance establishments in Paris and Luxembourg, notably working on various issues, organization, setting up new activities, regulatory compliance, customer migration, etc.


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