Commerzbank: A positive signal

In an industry study, Goldman Sachs analysts look at various banking houses in Europe. You are waiting for the figures for the second quarter. However, one does not have high hopes. In the Commerzbank shares model, the experts make some minor changes. The bottom line is that the rating for the Commerzbank shares remains “neutral”. The target price remains at EUR 5.20.

The price target for Comba shares at Morgan Stanley looks similar. As before, it is EUR 5.30. However, the rating sounds very different. The experts rate the bank title as “overweight”.

One waits for the results of a stress test. There could also be news about the dividend freeze. Banks are currently advised not to pay a dividend to increase liquidity. It is believed that this recommendation will be extended beyond October to early 2021. In 2021 there could be dividend distributions in the industry again. From the American perspective, that would be a positive signal.

Commerzbank shares gained 1.3 percent in the evening to EUR 4,585.


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