Bayer: Big differences in price expectations

At Bayer, there are very different expert opinions on the share. UBS analysts stick to the buy recommendation for Bayer paper. You can still see the target price at EUR 110.00.

The Swiss respond to legal disputes in the United States. Most recently, Bayer was able to achieve partial success in a court there. But uncertainties still remain. When these are eliminated, the market can reassess some things. The experts see a number of slumbering values ​​among the Leverkusen team.

JP Morgan, on the other hand, gave Bayer a “neutral” rating. The target price of the Americans is 77.00 euros, which is clearly below that of UBS. The analysts are looking at the upcoming figures. These could be rather weak due to the crisis. The lower end also seems more likely in the annual forecast.

Bayer’s shares lose 2.7 percent in the afternoon to EUR 60.74.

At a glance – chart and news: Bayer


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